World War One, A Battle of Apes Edit

World War One, or "The Battle of Apes" (Raph 2016) was the first "friendly quarrel" war on the server. WWI erupted in the middle of the Third Age. There were many accusations that the Quo Empire started the war or that the Dwarves started it because of their greed or even that Waffee began the war for no reason at all. The One, The Kingdom of Erebor, The Quo Empire and The Free Peoples of Athan all took part of this war. Only The Stripper Nation was neutral in this disastrous affair.

Date: Third Age 352-399
Locations: The Mediterrayrib, New YDN

Dom's Farm, Athan's House, Erebor &

The Great Wall of Erebor

Results: Pinger Alliance Victory
  • Athan's House is given to The Kingdom of Erebor.
  • The Quo Empire is destroyed and the capital, Dom's Farm, is given to Raph.
  • New YDN is given to The Stripper Nation.
  • The League of Ayribs (General Assembly) was formed to bring order to the island.
  • The New YDN Museum of Art, Sex & War was established.


The Pinger Alliance (TPA)

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The One and his followers

The Kingdom of Erebor
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The Quo Alliance (QA)

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The Quo Empire

Free Peoples of Athan
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Leaders & Generals
The Pinger Overlord 
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King Dain II
2016-04-27 21.55.42

Commander Dwalin

Emperor Dommo
2016-04-28 20.46.12

General Guzlak*

General Guiseppe

Lord Athan
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The Pinger Overlords men: 350

The Kingdom of Erebor: 900

TPA: 1250

The Quo Empire: 1100

Free Peoples of Athan: 200

QA: 1300

The Pinger Overlord's men: 229

The Kingdom of Erebor: 587

Civilians: 34

The Quo Empire: 893

Free Peoples of Athan: 143

Civilians: 83

Background Edit

Military Alliances and Pacts Edit

The Third Age consisted of many complex and annoying types of alliances and pacts. After The Quo Empire was formed, Emperor Dom, realised he needed an ally to help him win over the island off The Pinger Overlord. During the 320's The Quo Empire was becoming a major threat to the Pinger Overlord. He asked the Dwarves and their King, his friend Koray, to create an opposing alliance to The Quo Empire. It was called The Pinger Alliance. This alliance was signed in the year 313. After hearing of this new alliance between The One and the Dwarves, Emperor Dom asked his oldest friend Athan to create a "stronger" alliance which would oppose The Pinger Alliance. In the year 341 The Quo Alliance was formed creating two opposing alliances that controlled the island. The Stripper Nation refused to be apart of these high tensions, especially between The Pinger Overlord and Emperor Dom. Head Bitch, Philip, many times refused offers and deals from both sides of the arguments. Then in the year 352 WWI began.

Causes of The First World War Edit

Many historians have been focusing on the actual causes of this war. Many people of The Mediterrayrib have put the blame on the terrible & warmongering Quo Empire and their leader Emperor Dom. Some have even blamed it on the greedy Dwarves of Erebor or on The Pinger Overlord. However historian DJ Harris has recently, by using his infinite knowledge of fucking sources, has found out the real cause for this disastrous catastrophe. To the events leading up to The Great Arms Race, between The Quo Empire and The Kingdom of Erebor, The KDR Mafia was abolished with The One pulling out furiously arguing that Dom never showed him respect and threatened Raph's power and rule over the island. Koray then also left (311) the mafia after arguing over Dom about theft and border management between there two nations.

DJ Harris also states that The Quo Empires greed for domination of the island was another cause of the war. The Giuseppe Plan was invented by General of The Quo Empire in the year 333. This plan was put in place to attack and hold the border of the Dwarves while heading to the east, taking YDN, destroying Raph and flanking the Dwarves.

However who actually caused and started this war? In the year 352 war was declared by the Pinger Overlord on the The Quo Empire. The One thought and almost in his own way knew that eventually a war would occur and The Quo Empire would attack when her Emperor thought that he was at his strongest. The Quo Army was still building in manpower and The One thought if he attacked now, he could end this quickly and have the element of surprise on his side.

The Great Arms Race from 315-328 Edit

In the years leading up to the war (312-352) The Quo Empire and The Kingdom of Erebor battled out on trying to create a larger and stronger army then the other. Both nations competed with each other for 13 years trying to prepare themselves for an inevitable war. The Quo Empire began increasing it army size from its original 550 to 1000 men in 318. The Dwarves however could only muster 900 strong Dwarves who were all well equiped and well experienced unlike some of the Quo army. The rich, strong and powerful Dwarven Steel provided much protection from the various Quo legions that laid over the wall. This steel was also used to protect men who followed The One into battle. The Quo Empire's army, in 350, was now 1100 being the largest army on The Mediterrayrib. The Quo Army was well trained in the art of range and their Quo Lonbowman were strong and very skilful in their roles during the war. Then in the year 352 war was declared.

Progress of the War Edit

The First World War began in the year 352, with battles occurring all over the island.

Timeline of the War Edit

Koray: KE   Raph: R   Dom: QE   Athan: FPA

1.  The KE takes the volcano with no force.

2.  'The FPA take YDN with no force.

3.  'The First Battle for New YDN, The Pinger alliance attacks New YDN and men of the FPA retreat back, they suffer many losses.

(KE: 100, R: 250 vs 200 FPA) Army size

(KE: 45, R: 50 -- 80 FPA) Casualties

4. Pillage of Doms farm by the dwarves of the pinger alliance.

5. The Quo Empire finishes mobilising for the war.

6. The Battle of the Erebor Wall, Kingdom of Erebor VS Quo Empire. Victory for The Pinger Alliance.

(KE: 450 vs 600 QE) Army Size

(KE: 121 --  207 QE) Casualties

7. Raph goes home.

8. The Second Battle for New YDN, Kingdom of Erebor VS FPA and Quo Empire. Victory for Quo Alliance

(KE: 450 vs 600 QD, 80 FPA) Army Size

(KE: 144 --  134 QD, 15 FPA) Casualties

9. Attack on the Erebor gate, Kingdom of Erebor VS Quo Army led by Athan. Victory for TPA.

(KE: 160 vs 200 QE) Army Size

(KE: 20 --- 150 QE) Casualties

10. The pillage and burning of Doms farms again.

11. Siege of Erebor, QE & FPA VS KE later R joins and The Pinger Alliance just survive the siege.

(KE: 570, R: 280 vs 609 QE, 100 FPA) Army Size

(KE: 70, R: 47 --- 92 QE, 13 FPA) Casualties

12. The Third Battle for New YDN, TPA VS QA. Victory for The Pinger Alliance.

(KE: 480, R: 240 vs 500 QE, 65 FPA) Army Size

(KE: 190, R: 188 --- 331 QE, 38 FPA) Casualties

13. The fall and decline of the great Quo Empire.

14. Siege of Athan's Home.

(R: 230 vs 92 FPA) Army Size

(R:63 --- 35 FPA) Casualties

15. The Free Peoples of Athan pull out and make peace with The Pinger Alliance.

16. The Battle for Dom's Farm, TPA finally invade and defeat The Quo Empire. TPA win the war.

(KE: 500, R: 200 vs 517 QE) Army Size

(KE: 187 R: 89 --- 210 QE) Casualties

17. The Quo Empire accepts peace.

Nations that fought in the War Edit

The Pinger Alliance, signed in the year 313:  Edit

The One and his followers: Edit

The One was the most skilled fighter on the whole of The Mediterrayrib. During the early 310's The Pinger Overlord sought up very strong and loyal men that would fight for him if any hostilities would arise. These men were mostly from the Capital New YDN. These man were than trained in Erebor and were given Dwarven smithed weapons and armour. The One then declared war on The Quo Empire on the 22nd of October 352 entering the war with 200 Swordsman, 100 Bowman and 50 Knights making it 350 troops. These troops saw battle in The First Battle for YDN, The Siege of Erebor, The Third Battle for YDN, The Siege of Athan's House and The Battle for Dom's Farm. Raph's men suffer the least amount of losses(equal to the Dwarves) with 229 men out of 350 died due to battle, a mere 65% of Raphs men died and 121 survived.


The Kingdom of Erebor Edit

King Dain, Koray, left the KDR Mafia in the year 311 after having a fall out with Emperor Dom about border management and just plain arguing with Dom about random shit. The Dwarves were too much of a proud people and they loved their monarch and good King Dain. they hated the new order of fascism brewing in The Quo Empire.The Dwarves and their King have always had a hatred to Emperor Dom and the men who follow him. The Dwarves of Erebor housed the second largest army before WWI. Due to The Great Arms Race of 318-328 the Dwarven army rose from 200 dwarves to over double of what it was before WWI. The army of 500 consisted of 300 Dwarven Legion/Brutes, 100 King's Guardsmen, 50 miners and 50 crossbowmen. These lads were all trained, along with men of New YDN, by the Commander Dwalin, a cousin to King Dain, in Erebor and in The Pinger Alliance land were they camped and trained to be fierce warriors. These Dwarves were all protected by the strongest Dwarven Steel forged from the forges and deep mines under Erebor. Dwarven Steel, swords, battle-axes, war hammers, throwing axes, pole axes, spears, and crossbows were just some of the weapons that the Dwarves used throughout WWI. The Kingdom of Erebor fought in every battle that occurred in WWI except the Siege of Athan's House. 900 Dwarves served the King before WWI and only 313 survived making it 65% of the Dwarven Army fell in the terrible war.


The Quo Alliance, signed in the year 341 Edit

The Quo Empire: Edit

The Quo Empire was formed in the year 297 when Dom brought all the farmers of his previous Domenic's Workers Party together. Domenic brought all the people together through key speeches and nationalistic ideas that could win over the island. Domenic named himself Emperor of the Quo Empire. The Quo Empire was rich in food and greedy for more land. After the year 311, when Koray left the mafia, Emperor Dom focused his empire on military strength and build up. Throughout The Great Arms Race against the Dwarves, tired of his small army he forced 80% of the man population of his Empire to join the army and fight for their empire. The Giuseppe Plan, 333, was Emperor Dom's plan to control the entire island under one banner, the Quo banner. This plan was only discovered in the archives under Dom's palace after the war by The One. Before the beginning of WWI The Quo Empire had an army of 1100 men making it the largest on the island. His army was not as well equiped as the Dwarven Army and not as skilled as The Pinger Alliance Army. However these Orkish men of Quo were ferocious and bloodthirsty making them very feared on the battlefield. The 1100 army consisted of 700 front line swordsman, 200 famous Quo longbowman, 100 pikeman and 100 Quo berserker fighters. These "berserkers" were the most skilled and strongest fighters of the Quo Army, your usual front line unit. The Quo Empire participated in every battle during the war except The First Battle for New YDN and the Siege of Athna's Home. The Quo Empire with had the largest army on the island during WWI, however they lost he most men. 81% of the Quo Army fell and out of 1100 men only 207 men survived an the army General, third in command, General Guzlak fell in The Third Battle for New YDN. The war ruined the entire empire and The Quo Empire was abandoned.


The Free Peoples of Athan: Edit

Athan lived very peacefully on his house on the Northern Straits of the island before the war. In the year 321 Athan was very much ignoring the arguing between Dom, Koray and Raph. He attempted to stay out of it for as long as he could. His party/small nation, The Free Peoples of Athan, consisted of many followers of Athan who enjoyed his rule over the other larger nations of the island. Then in the year 329 The Pinger Alliance met with Athan asking him to join their alliance and go against Dom. Athan was interested in this deal but then later declined it due to his laziness and not wanting to get involved. Then in 341 Emperor Dom made a rare visit to his old friend Athan. He pleaded him to help The Quo Empire against The One and the Dwarves. Dom taught him of his empires plan and Dom promised the whole East land, 1/3 of the gold of Erebor and the Sword of The Pinger Overlord, Judge XVI. Athan agreed to these terms reluctantly and listened to Dom's orders. He could muster 200 very loyal supporters to his army. The army of The Free Peoples of Athan consisted on 80 Bowman and 120 legionnaires. Athan and his force fought in The First Battle for New YDN, The Second Battle for New YDN, Attack on the Erebor Gate, Siege of Erebor, The Third Battle for New YDN and The Siege of Athan's Home. After losing The Third Battle for New YDN Athan realised he couldn't fight anymore. He was sick of Dom and his terrible orders which led to the death of 71% of his original force of 200 men. WWI ruined Athan and his party. He lost everything and his "friend" Dom betrayed him.


Neutral Nations Edit

The Stripper Nation: Edit

Head Bitch, Philip, and his Stripper Nation was the only neutral nation during WWI. The Stipper Nation had the smallest army before WWI consisting of only 125 strippers. In the year 320 Raph, leader of The Pinger Alliance asked Philip to join himself and the Dwarves in their alliance. Philip did not accept Raphs offer saying "I just wanna fuck" -Philip 2015. Again in 342 The Quo Empire, loving the work done at The Vanilla Unicorn, asked Philip to join him and Athan in the Quo Alliance to go against Raph and Koray. Again Philip denied the offer and was left to be neutral in the affair of the big boys. Emperor Dom did not like Philips response and as DJ Harris quotes from his sources "I will leave you to the end hoe" - Dom 2015. When war broke out in 352 The Stripper Nation watched the battles and the fighting that occurred on their doorstep in New YDN. In 375 The Stripper Nation built the sign outside of The Vanilla Unicorn saying "Who cares about the war, just come in and get a quick fuck and get it done". Good job Philip. The Stripper Nation did not aid other side of the war and no soldier of the nation saw battle.

Aftermath of the war Edit

In the aftermath of the two nations/empires perished, The Fascist Quo Empire and The Free Peoples of Athan. All 4 participants of the war were badly damaged and the loss of life was too great. However for The Pinger Alliance the war gave them more land, made them seem stronger in the realm, better resources and it made the economy flow.


---The New YDN Armistice--- Edit

The New YDN Armistice was written up in the 400 by the Pinger Overlord. It was signed by all four participants of the war in The Big Weff tower. Things that were agree in the treaty:

  • The One received ownership of Dom's Farm, capital of the Quo Empire
  • The Kingdom of Erebor was given ownership of Athan's home, which he named Belegost
  • 25% of all food produced by The Quo Empire was given to The One and another 25% to the Dwarves
  • The City New YDN was gifted to The Stripper Nation to look after of

2016-04-25 11.41.29

The New YDN Armistace

After the signings of the peace treaty, King Dain II and Head Bitch Philip, decided to build a museum that would remember the events of the War. It was named The YDN Museum of Art, Sex and War. Also a short time after the signing of the peace treaty, Weff decided to create The League of Ayribs. Much like the United Nations the leaders of the island would come here and discuss things with one another. The One, King Dain & Head Bitch Philip were the first to attend and create these meetings. Shorty after The Quo Empire and his puppet Aran came in the year 467. Then in 475, Captain Salmon Boy joined The League Of Ayribs representing his Salmon Pirate Nation of the Seas. After the war The Pinger Alliance was abandoned in the year 410 with the Dwarves and The One peacefully agreeing on these terms to end their alliance. Though they always still had a very close friendship. :)

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First Page of the Armistice

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Second Page of the Armistice

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Third Page of the Armistice

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Fourth Page of the Armistice