Pinger Overlord (Weff, Weffy, Raffy, Bob, The One), as he was also called, was the creator of the server and the great realm. He enabled the five to enjoy their time on the server. He was the greatest of them all.

Raph In Real Life Edit

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Raphael is of Lebanese decent. He is by far the most quiet while playing and he was the founder of the great server which took him weeks to set up. Raffy is obsessesd with Anar chicken and fantasies about being in an Aston Martin Vulcan, with Anacheri siting on the seat with Anar chicken next to her. Yum.

Raph on the server Edit

The One was born before everyone in the dark ages before light and life ever entered the land. He created the land and formed it. He was basically the god.

First Age: Edit

In the first age Raph was known only as The One. He found his friend Koray (Dain II King of Erebor) in the Lonely Mountain and he also was met by the two men who sailed to the Mediterrayrib, Athan and Domenic. He guided, helped and brought all of the four originals peoples of the Mediterrayrib together before they met another,Philip.

Second Age: Edit

The second age was by far the busiest for the Pinger Overlord. He aided all of the peoples of the Island and helped them finish their respected homes. Raph had also rebuilt the markets into a town where all would come to visit and trade. He called it, The Capital YDN (your dead nan). Raph also established a new economic system which allowed people to purchase good from each other. Raph had also caught Koray and Domenic meeting in secret with each other. They told him they wanted to create a mafia group. Raph joined and so began the KDR. Raph had planned well the bombing of the pimp truck which philip had built. He had very good alibis for Dom and Koray and he helped greatly with the Mafia organisation.

Third Age: Edit

The third age at first was a big step up on the Mediterrayrib. Raph had planned for a new design for his beloved city YDN. He had plans for a new building like the "Big Weff" or the "Weffy Tower" and a statue of a guy on pingers fapping. He was very happy of his work. Although, he had become very annoyed and suspicious of Domenic's rising Quo Empire. Raph saw Dom was getting out of control. He teamed up with Koray and they declared war on Dom. Athan obviously backed up his lover Dom. The war lasted a long time, because Dom was busy with "school". By the time is was finished Raph had created the great arena in the "end" after personally slaughtering the great dragon with his mighty sword "Judge XVI".

Fourth Age: Edit

In the fourth age Raph had to fix up all the problems of his world. He had now grown apart from his friends as they were war hungry and not peaceful. Raph was forced to bring back order to his island so he created the General Assembly Quarters where he met with all the leaders of the Mediterrayrib. Raph however then created his favourite place in the universe. Raphael built Anar Chicken and he owned and sold his famous Lebanese style chicken to his friends of the Mediterrayrib, he was happy. A new player had entered. This was not a man. This was an animal. It was Aran the prophet. Aran was a strange character at first and he was very difficult to live with. Raph despised him and found him annoying. Just as Raph thought his island was at peace, another war began and the stripper was exiled and surprisingly defeated. He was sick of the fighting and the arguing. He was becoming fed up.

Fifth Age: Edit

Raph again was forced to fix up and pick up the pieces after a war. He had helped destroyed the fantastic Vanilla Unicorn and refurbished the Chapel to his liking. This age was short and soon enough Raph had took a break. He needed a holiday and left his most trusted friend, Koray, to watch over his creation and world.

Sixth Age: Edit

Raph had returned and told his friends great news. He had discovered new lands which were free to be settled. Everyone left and raced out to explore the new worlds to the north. Raph had come across the great island of Numenor. Here he built a new home and another Anar Chicken. His friends, he saw less and less and slowly Raph knew this was coming to an end.

Seventh Age: Edit

The seventh age was the last age of the great and powerful Pinger Overlord. Raph had reigned for many centuries and knew if he did not leave now he never would again. Then he left, gone to the Undying lands to live out his last days with whatever he wanted. Although they never heard from him again, they knew he was happy.