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The United Kingdom of Dwarves (UKD) is a democratic Kingdom led by a elected Prime Minister by the Dwarven people. The United Kingdom of Dwarves was established in the year 1000 and the people elected the King himself to lead their glorious nation. As it used to be before the Tenth Age, Great Kingdom of Erebor (The Dwarven Kingdom, Kingdom of the Dwarves) was a Dwarven Kingdom, founded at the beginning of The Second Age by the great King Dain II Ironbeard, son of Gror, King of the underground, King of the Dwarves and of Erebor, Stoneholm, Belegost and Glorin. This is Koray's Nation.

United Kingdom of Dwarves Edit

Leader: Twas Prime Minister Dain II, Koray

Now is: Prime Minister Dwalin

National Anthem: "The King's March"
Capital: Erebor: 200-present

Other Cities: Stoneholm, Belegost, Golorin & Ayrib Island

Located: West, South and Eastern areas of The Mediterrayrib, The Khazad Valley, Iron Island & The White Mountains of Woglandia
Languages: English & Khuzdul
Government: Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
  • 45 Seats in Government
  • Dwarven Socialist Ironbeard Party: Prime Minister Dain II
Military Power: 11500 Dwarves
Alliances: United Ayribs (Co-founder) and Birlione Union
  • The Kingdom of Erebor~200-410
  • The Great Kingdom of Erebor~410-1000
  • United Kingdom of Dwarves~1000-


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Banner of The UKD

Blue background: The steel and moonlight of the Dwarves

Grey Sash: Unity of Erebor

Gold Stone: The Gold Stone of Stoneholm

Light Grey Diamond: The vast amounts of iron under Belegost

White Mountain: The peaks of the White Mountians of Glorin

Info on the Dwarves Edit

The Dwarves of Erebor, Stoneholm, Belegost and Golorin, are master craftsmen and miners. They value the riches of the earth, and delve deeply through complex systems of mines in the mountainous terrain of their home. Though small in stature, Dwarves are fearsome in battle, especially since they have the skill to forge some of The Realm's strongest arms and armour.

History of the nation Edit

The Foundations of The Kingdom of Erebor 200-410 Edit

Erebor was built in the year 200 by Dwarves. Dain II Ironbeard was their King and was given the name King of Erebor. Dain then formed The Kingdom of Erebor and announced it to the peoples of The Mediterrayrib. The Dwarves at first kept to themselves behind their mountain. At first there wasn't a large population of Dwarves and the Kingdom was not rich. However in the year 230, when the economic system on the island was established, the Dwarves could trade a lot of resources with neighbouring peoples, like The Domenic Nationalist Party. The Dwarves had been doing what they do best mining all the ores under the mountain. The mountain was full of riches, such as: gold, iron, coal, thousands of gems and the special ore, Mithril. These ores were smelted, soughed and polished by Dwarven blacksmiths and gem checkers. The rest of the Second Age led to the growth of this Kingdom and was a rich trading partner for all on the island. The Dwarves never hated or lost hope inter King, they loved him  and he loved his people. Erebor had a sizeable army of about 200 dwarves fully equiped and ready for battle against those who apposed their Kingdom.

The First World War Edit

After the ending of the KDR Mafia in 311, The Kingdom of Erebor began looking for a stronger defence and larger force. King Dain was always good friends with The Pinger Overlord and in the year 313 King Dain and The One met with each other a signed and created The Pinger Alliance to oppose The Quo Empire. Then King Dain decided on trying to keep up with the expanding Quo army. More and more Dwarves joined the army and were trained fantastically by Dwarven leaders such as Commander Dwalin. The steel was used very wisely in this time forging strong armour and weapons for all the Dwarves in the King's Army. 300 followers from New YDN, who followed The Pinger Overlord, also was forged armour and together they trained in Dwarven lands. However, the population of The Quo Empire was too great and the Dwarves did not have as much men. Also during this age of tension, the Dwarves built a large wall between Erebor and Dom's Farm. The wall began from the top of the western mountains to Mt Vazouras. The wall was well built and always fortified incase of an attack. The WWI broke out in the year 352. After winning the War, The Dwarves were feared and now even stronger. King Dain acquired Athan's home and renamed it Nogrod.

The Great Kingdom of Erebor~410-1000 Edit

The Fourth Age was the great age of the Dwarves. 10 years after the beginning of the Fourth Age The Kingdom of Erebor needed more minerals and ores for trade and money. Ayrib Island was a small island of the west coast of The Mediterrayrib. It was scouted out and was rich in ores, especially Iron. The Dwarves claimed the island and built a great deep mineshaft that went many kilometres down to the earth. The Nation was becoming a huge and strong power with new land, a stronger economy and a larger army. However, in 412, an old enemy, Athan, is seen at the gate of Erebor. He wanted join the Dwarves and he wanted to rule with Koray. Koray accepted him and from there on, Athan learnt the way of the Dwarves. Athan was taught forging ways, how to fight and drink ale like a dwarf and he even learnt the ways of Dwarven fighting. The Dwarves loved Athan, the King did too. He had never seen someone wanting to live with Dwarves as much as Athan. In the year 438, The Quo Empire returned with revenge keen in their eyes. The Dwarves fortified their position strongly and slowly watched Quo Castle be built. Then out of no where in the year 458, Athan went up to the King, and as King Dain remembers: "Im leaving you and your scum country. I hope you fall one day and perish. Im going to Quo, have fun by yourself."

The Betrayal Edit

Koray did not take to this. He banished and made it illegal for Athan to ever return back to his Kingdom. The Dwarves shut the doors of Erebor and did not come out for years. Only The One was allowed to meet with him, for Koray was depressed and sad. Raph then began constructing a statue. This statue was a state of the great Durin the Deathless first of his name. He was situated just left of Erebor. After the statue was completed Koray was thrilled. With the new rising power of The Quo Empire, King Dain decided to make a Non-Agression Pact and an Alliance pact which really altered and shocked everyone on the world. This Aran had made The Quo Empire a stronger and more powerful nation. Then in secret King Dain met with Emperor Dom/Mussolini and with the new Capt Salmon Boy. The Dwarves were asked by the fish to aid them in taking The Salmon Isles of the Stripper Nation. The Capt guaranteed Koray and Dom that they would acquire both half of New YDN each. It took the King some convincing but eventually he agreed to the terms. And on 497 a Dwarven army of 350 and Quo's met in New YDN to see a white flag and the retreating Head Bitch.

Expanding the Kingdom Edit

The Fifth Age was relaxing for The Great Kingdom of Erebor. Trade and mining kept the economy alive and the alliance pact with The Quo Empire meant peace and safety on the island. Though, once The One returned, he told King Dain of the new lands he had discovered. So, King Dain brought with him 700 new Dwarves to live on this island. The island was called Numenor. On the year 607 they landed in a valley. This valley was gorgeous and full of beauty. The One gifted the valley to the Dwarves and it was renamed to the Khazad Valley. King Dain then with the aid of his peoples began building the city Stoneholm. Stoneholm at first was small and it too many years too build. Almost 30 years later the city was built. The Kingdom of Stoneholm was established and always followed the crow of Erebor. They borrowed the banner of The Kingdom of Erebor but instead changed the middle grey circle, to a gold circle representing the vast amounts of gold in the mountains of The Khazad Valley. The city flourished and many Dwarves migrated over to the new large city.

Two ages later, in the Eight Age, The One had returned, bringing another. Head Bitch Philip had returned. Immediately he was seen as a threat by The Quo Empire. The Quo Empire had become very strong fascists. The Strippers return back to the Quo/Dwarven owned city of New YDN. They set up a Embassy in the city right next to the Horny Hog Club, in 801. King Dain sensed something coming. A difference in the cage of wind had gotten to him. He prepared his Dwarves and mobilised them incase of an emergency. Then in 812, The Strippers blew up The Horny Hog reducing the club to nothing but stone and ash. The Quo Empire strikes back with furious statement, "that if something similar like this would happen again, we will kill you" (Dj Harris).

The Cold War Edit

The Quo's then thought that The Kingdom of Dwarves paid the Strippers to blow up the club. This never happened. The Quo's became strong opposes to the Dwarves. Mussolini, the new name for the emperor, stated "if the Dwarves mobilises then we mobilises too" -speech in 812. This was the great Cold War between The Dwarves and Quo's. In 823 The Quo's began their planning of "Expanding and Destroying". On 823 the Quo's take a small island just off the coast of Numenor, literally 10 blocks. King Dain acted furiously at this aggressiveness. He cold not allowed this. He took his force to just outside the island. However The One convinced him to leave it. And leave it he did.

With the slow discovery of new lands and mass continents, The Dwarves wished to expanded even more. Woglandia had a great mountain range on the eastern side. This while capped mountains were claimed by The Kingdom of Erebor in 855. They were renamed to The White Mountains and the settlement of Glorin began.

The Two Proxy Wars Edit

When the war broke out in 880 against The Stripper Empire and The Quo City state, Head Bitch asked multiple times for Dwarven backing and assistance. However, the Dwarves never came. Instead they would wait until The Quo Empire attacked then they would support the Strippers. The Strippers lost their embassy in New YDN and The Quo city state of Aran had won. The Dwarves were furious. Again and again The Quo Empire represented itself as a enemy of the Kingdom, but Koray hesitated on war many times. In the Ninth Age this Cold War between the Dwarves and Quo's dragged on. On 908 the Dwarves needed to secure more land. King Dain felt small against the huge Quo Empire. Iron Island was a large island with huge caverns and rich resources under its mountains. The Dwarves dreamed to acquire it without war. With 3000 Dwarves they marched to the Milleto Tower and demanded the island for their own. The Strippers did not hesitate and gave up the island immediately to the King. The Dwarves began constructing on the city of Belegost. Rich in iron these Dwarves were a major key to the Kingdoms resources and production.

In 910, after the facist supporters began fighting democratic and Dwarven supporters Tke Kingdom of Erebor sent many supplies to aid the democrats against fighting the facist and in 917 the democrats won and killed every facist supporter left. Howver before it ended, in 916 The Quo's began constructing an opposing wall to The Great Wall of Erebor. This furiously outraged King Dain to a point so close to war. However he could not do it. He needed help if he was to attack the strong Quo Empire. Instead the Dwarves began building stronger defences such as fullback and trench lines behind the wall incase of a Quo attack. The Kingdom always felt under threat by the Quo's and Koray therefore aimed to destory it.

The End of Quo Edit

In 933 the leader of the tea pickers, Uncle Dilmah called a meeting with King Dain, Head Bitch Philip, Captain Salmon Boy and other various leaders. Dilmah wished for a nation for his own people, a democratic nation, he conviced the others to aid him in defeating the Quo's so that there could be equality and stability among the realm. All agreed and together they clled themselves the Free Allies and the Dwarves began planning an attack. After years of planning they began the war in the year 944 and attack and defeat fascim, the Quo Empire and Mussolini who is hung.

Post Desolation of Quo and the Unification of the United Kingdom of Dwarves Edit

In this new age of peace King Dain II announces the Kingdom of Erebor changing to a unified republic called, the United Kingdom of Dwarves where the four Dwarven cities/kiingdoms of Erebor, Stoneholm, Belegost and Golorin merge their banners and elect a party to run for government of The UKD. The King, Dain II creates a party called the Democratic Socialist Iron Beard Party and wins the votes against the rival party The Stonefists. In the year 1000 Dain II becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Dwarves.

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Stagnation and ageing of the first King Edit

The Betrayal and War to end all Wars Edit

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