Umbar Island Edit

Umber Island was located just north of Tortuga. The island was famous for its volcano and huge lonely mountain which was situated in the middle of the island. The island was discovered by the Salmon Pirate Navy in the Seventh Age. The Island was eventually settled by the Salmon Pirates in 868.

History of Umbar Island Edit

Umber Island was discovered by the Salmon Pirate Nation Navy in 749. It was left aline until 868 where settlers travelled to the island and begun constructing a sea side village. The village developed a strong shipyard for creating frigates for The Salmon Pirate Nation. Not much has occurred on Umbar Island. Though there is talk of a resort being built for tourism purposes.

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Map of Umbar Island & the settlement on the south of the island.


Terrain of Umbar Island Edit

Umber Island is basically a huge talk mountain with jungle forests and great beaches surrounding the island. Connected to the Island, via a sand bank, is a volcanic island which was said to have sprung up in the First Age.

Timeline of Umbar IslandEdit

  • First Age: The Volcano springs from the ground erupting.
  • Second Age: N/A
  • Third Age: N/A
  • Fourth Age: N/A
  • Fifth Age: N/A
  • Sixth Age: N/A
  • Seventh Age: The island is seen by the Salmon pirates
  • Eight Age: The settlement of Umbar is established
  • Ninth Age: N/A
  • Tenth Age: