Tortuga Edit

Tortuga was discovered in the late Sixth Age by Athan, The Salmon Pirate Nation. Being the largest island on the server, it was home to The Pirates of The Salmon Pirate Nation, the indigenous tribes men of the jungles (The Tortuguian's) and various bandits. It was the the barbaric island of the East. After its colonisation, by the some what civilised Salmon Pirates, it became another trading hub for the pirates. Tortuga was home to many unheard and exotic goods.

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Map of Tortuga

History of Tortuga Edit

Tortuga was discovered by Athan in the late Sixth Age. It was said that the ancient Tortuguian's lived on the great island since the First Age. Later, possibly early Third Age, men from another island tried to conquer the island, however they failed and most were killed by the Tortuguian's in the many wars that occurred between them. The invaders and Tortuguain's w ere said to have killed each other off and so the men were scattered and they became bandits who lived in camps throughout the island. The Tortuguian's were too fein numbers and lived together in small camps at the very North-Western regions of the island. In the Sixth Age, when The Salmon Pirate Nation had come, the Tortuguian's traded with the pirates and in return were protected by The Salmon Nation. However bandits kept attacking merchant ships and pirates infuriating Athan. The first settlement of the island was situated in the large cove at the southern tip of the island. The settlement was the naval port, Shipwreck Cove. It was a very famous trading hub for all the nations of the world and the port produced a lot of money and gold for The Salmon Pirate Nation. Shipwreck Cove was also very famous for its famous inn, the Lucky Mermaid and its well experienced pirate sell-swords/mercenaries.

Terrain of Tortuga Edit

Tortuga was a large island full of tall, dense jungles which could be seen to all who sailed past it. The island was also filled with different plants and trees never seen before, such as citrus tree (Lemon, Orange, Lime). Shipwreck cove was a beautiful cove with a wonder entrance to it, much like the northern straits of The Mediterrayib. The cove was filled with turquoise blue waters which was a great sight to see for wandering merchants.
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Tortugan jungles


Timeline of Tortuga Edit

  • First Age: The Tortuguian's are born and wander around the island
  • Second Age: The unknown "bandit" men invade the island and start a war with the Tortuguian's. Thousands die.
  • Third Age: War wages with the Bandits look to victory.
  • Fourth Age: The War carries on.
  • Fifth Age: Both peoples scatter and give up on each other as too many were slaughtered.
  • Sixth Age: The Salmon Pirate Nation (Athan) claims the island and builds the port Shipwreck Cove.
  • Seventh Age: The bandits are all slaughtered and killed by sell-swords and Tortuguian's. The bandits are never seen again.
  • Eight Age:: N/A
  • Ninth Age: Quo Embassy is burned and the merchants and ambassador for the Quo's are hung
  • Tenth Age: N/A
  • Eleventh Age: Montezuma brings the tribes of Tortuga under one Kingdom for his people. The Tortuguian Kingdom is founded and Tenochtitlan is founded.