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Head Bitch, ChillyPhilly, serves as the stripper for all the kingdom and is the sexiest person that ever lived, bringing nations from all of the world to her many clubs to feast their eyes upon natures greatest gift.

The Stripper Nation is holds its main residence on the supercontinent of Avantia, within the "Milletto Towers and Island Resort". However, the original strip club of the realm, "The Vanilla Unicorn" and Hotel Sweets is located in the Mediterrayrib in YDN, and is to this date the most popular and visited attraction of the world.

The Stripper Nation
Leader: Head Bitch, ChillyPhilly
Capital: Milletto Resort

Other Cities: La Isla Bonita, Voga & The Vanilla Unicorn 2.0

Located: The Mediterrayrib, Avantia, North Woglandia & Voga Isle
Languages: English & Stripper Sign Dancing
Ideology: Democracy-Conservative & Oligarchy
Military Power: 1500 Strippers
Affiliations & Friendships: The United Kingdom of Dwarves and

The Salmon Pirate Nation of the Seas


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