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The Salmon Pirate Nation was founded in the year 475 by Captain Salmon Boy, Athan. The Salmon Pirates are a Moderate Democratic State where the head is named "Captain". The Salmon's are known for their great trade, glorified naval battles, raiding and pillaging scum and their collections of porn. The Salmon Pirates currently posses the great island of Tortuga, Umbar Island, Salmon Isles, various other islands and part of The Mediterrayrib Island. The Salmon Pirate Nation was initially founded by the great Captain Salmon Boy of the 7 Seas of the Realm, Lord of the Sea, King of the Jungles, Ruler over the Abyss, father to many homeless children, and renowned master of the ancient art of wanking. "Athan is a shit cunt" - Jeremy the communist 2016.

The Salmon Pirate Nation of the Seas
Leader: Captain Salmon Boy, Athan
National Anthem: "Im on a Boat"
Capital: Athan's House:475-500, Salmon Square: 500-740, Shipwreck Cove: 740-present

Other Settlements: Salmon Square, Athan's House, Umbar de Fish & BBQ Bay Port

Located: Tortuga, North Mediterrayrib, Umbar Island, The Inner Sea
Languages: English, Pirate Speak, Pig & Language of the Sea
Ideology: Democratic-Moderate (Pure)
Military Power: 3250
Alliances: United Ayrib Member
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Banner of the Salmon Pirates

Info on the Salmon Pirates Edit

The Salmon Pirates of the realm are renowned sailors and great merchants. The Salmons have a great love for the sea and of money. The Nation is well known for its great luxurious and exotic foods. The Pirates are fearsome on naval battle and have some of the best sharpshooters in the entire Realm.

The Glorious Captain Edit

The glorious founder of the nation, Captain Salmon Boy or Athan, was defeated after WWI in the year 400. He then spent time with the Dwarves and betrayed King Dain for Emperor Dom II in 458. Two Realm years later, Athan sets sail north. For 15 years he is gone and returns back to The Mediterrayrib Island in 475 with his new ship, crew and nation.

The Salmon Pirate Nation of the Seas Edit

From Captain Salmon Boys ship, The Black Pearl, Athan achieved to capture his "foretold homeland" The Salmon Isles, just east of The Mediterrayrib. Athan, wanting more land for his new nation, asked his old friend Emperor Dom II and King Dain II for help against the Strippers. The Quo Empire was reluctant to help but the Dwarves needed much convincing. In 497 the three nations declare war and immedialty a white banner is posted above the Vanilla Unicorn with Quo and Dwarves pouring into New YDN and sharing the city between each other while the Pirates already began to build docks on their newly claimed Salmon Isles. The Salmon's immediately began the construction of Salmon Square on The Salmon Isles. With the aid of the Salmon Pirates' new allies, Salmon Square and The Docks of Salmon were finished construction in 515. Throughout the Fifth Age, The Salmon Pirates became a very wealthy country due to its vast networks of trade routes amongst the other nations. The Salmon Isles became a strategic port and a bustling hub of trade and tourism which the Salmon Pirate economy thrived on. Due to this huge coming amounts of money, The Salomn Pirates built a fleet of 18 frigates which patrolled the Southern Seas around The Mediterrayrib. In the year 580, Captain Salmon Boy set sail with his fleet to look for new lands. Many nations followed his example which led to the great expansion age, The Sixth Age.

Age of Expansion and rapid growth Edit

In 646, The Salmon Pirates make port at a huge island, which they named Tortuga. After meeting the indigenous tribes men and bandits, The Salmon set out to claim the entire island for their own by defeating the infamous bandits and recovering the innocent Tortuguians. Shipwreck Cove, which became the capital in 743, was a huge naval port and trading hub of The Salmon Pirate Nation. The Salmon Pirates ruled the seas and dwarfed the Quo and Dwarven navies greatly. Athan also sat on The League of Ayribs table and together with the other countries of the Realm, discussed many quarrels and set out for huge trade deals, especially with The Kingdom of Erebor. The rise of fascsim in the Seventh Age did not fear Captain Salmon Boy. Many times Dwarves would meet with Athan and convince him never to adopt the "evil" (as said by the Dwarves) ideology.

The Salmon Nation during the Cold War Edit

In the Eight Age, with Philips return to the island, the Salmons treated this as a welcoming. Head Bitch Philip was thought to have died, but he returned and many Salmon saw him as "someone who will have revenge" -Dj Harris. Although it was thought that Philip would try and acquire The Salmon Isles again, he actually had a hatred for the Quo's, which eventually led to his downfall on the Mediterrayrib. During the Cold War the Salmons supported the Dwarves and disliked Quo Fascsim. The Salmons were forced to expand and take other islands during the Quo's Age of expanding. Umber Island, north of Tortuga, was settled by the Salmons in 868. The Salmon Pirates upgraded their fleet to about 26 frigates by the Eight Age and began on making alliances with the Dwarves and Strippers.

Destruction of Quo Edit

In 933, Captain Salmon Boy met with all leaders but Mussolini in Erebor to discuss the war plan against The Quo Empire. Athan had agreed to destroy Quo ships and convoys and help with the siege of Quo Castle. However in 940, 4 years before the war, King Dain II and Captain Salmon Boy met in secret, in Shipwreck Cove, and agreed on which country would get what after the war. Together they divided up the Quo Land and agreed on who would get what. The war stated off well for the Salmon's but as time went on, many pirates were lost and ships were sunken. So in 985, The Salmon Pirate Nation of the Seas, pulled out of the war and in 999 Captain Salmon Boy watched Mussolini be hung.

Post Desolation of Quo Edit

In the new age of peace, Captain Salmon Boy announced to the world and his nation a new way of rule, democracy. Captain Salmon Boy created a government where parties could run to become President or "Captain". Athan's party was the Democratic Sparrow Party (DSP) who won the election in 1001. The Salmon Pirate Nation also joined the newly formed United Ayribs and has the second best economy in the Realm. Captain Salmon Boy's country is a major player in the Realm and is regarded as a huge trade nation and a nation with really long dicks :).

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