The Salmon Isles Edit

Off the coast to the East of the Mediterrayib was the Salmon Isles. These islands were only settled, by the Salmon Pirate Nation, in the Fourth Age. It was then used as a great trading stop for merchants from other lands. It was given the name "The trading place" - Dom 2015.
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Salmon Isles, Fifth Age.

History of the Islands Edit

The islands were only discovered in the Third Age by the Dwarves of Erebor, Koray. In the Fourth Age, after the peace treaty was signed, the Striper Nation was the nearest and quickly gobbled up the islands for himself before the others could. Athan became very jealous as he had just founded his Salmon Pirate Nation of the seas. He almost felt connected in some way with these island. Well he was a fish and the islands were given the name "The Salmon Isles".

The Salmon War was then sparked in the late Fourth Age and Athan had acquired and stole the Isles of the Striper Nation, who fled and was never seen again to one of the Refugee Islands. Then the little Fish did big things and he became a major player in the world. He was a powerful trade state which was looked down upon by the two great nations, The Kingdom of Erebor and The Quo Empire. His nation did good and became an ally of the two great nations during the Fifth Age. From then on the islands had always stayed as a great and wonderful Trading Hub.

Salmon Isles Terrain Edit

The terrain wasn't large and much of the settlements on the isles were built on the water. The island was sparse of trees and food but full of luxurious pearls and white sandy beaches. 
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The Salmon Isles Fifth Age

Salmon Isles Timeline Edit

  • First Age: Not discovered
  • Second Age: Not discovered
  • Third Age: First sighting of the isles by Koray
  • Fourth Age: At first the islands were claimed by Philip's Striper Nation in the early Fourth Age. He did not build or do anything with the islands, he merely left them, undefended. Then the Salmon War occurred and the isles switched over to the newly founded Salmon Pirate Nation.
  • Fifth Age: In this age the Salmon Isles became the largest port and trading hub in the world. Much of Mediterrayrib's trade flowed through the bustling markets of Salmon Square.
  • Sixth Age: Pirates of the south attack and do never return as they are completely destroyed by Athan and his fleet of ships. The trade carries on.
  • Seventh Age: The trade continued until the end of time.

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Salmon Square Markets & Pub