The Great Island, The Mediterrayrib Edit

The Mediterrayrib is the first island which was created in the world of Raffy's Server. It has been home to Gods, Dwarves, Men and other types of Men. For centuries it was the greatest island in the world and was known for 5 ages to be the only one.
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Map of the Mediterrayrib during the Seventh Age

The Shape of the Island Edit

The island was a circular shape with a large volcano situated in the middle. It was called, MT Vazouras. The volcano was surrounded by a narrow river. The river flowed from the southern waterfall out too the northern straits. The other edge of the island consisted of white sandy beaches, forests and then mountains. The land between the mountains and the river was where all the action happened.The island was pretty much split in two with the main sectors were the East and the West.

The West Edit

At the northern straits, on the west side, was Athan's settlement, his home. Up in the mountain he saw all and his nearest neighbour was his great friend and ally Domenic. Domenic had settled his farm just at the foothills of the North Western mountains which had rich dirt for farming. To the south laid the Lonely Mountain. Obviously Koray had began constructing Erebor there in his South Western corner of the world. Off the coast of the Mediterrayrib was a very small mountain island which was named Ayrib Island by the One. The land of the west was mostly filled with forests, which were cut down, and some grassland.
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The great west of the island



The East Edit

To the very south was the great Pinger Waterfall. On the Eastern side of the waterfall, The One built his home which was untouchable by the mortal man/dwarf. This he loved early. On the very eastern side of the island was the settlement of The Markets, later "The Capital YDN" and then "New YDN". This was the largest settlement on the island (above ground) and it served as a tree hub, a bank, a place to hang out and talk and fight about. There were many building in New YDN like, The Vanilla Unicorn, Anar Chicken, Papa's Patisserie, The Horny Hog and The YDN Museum of Art, Sex and War. The East also consisted of forests and grasslands. Off the coast to the east was the ancient Salmon Isles. Athan believed he was from these islands. These islands were surrounded by stunning blue waters and crystal white beaches. 

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The Mediterrayrib Island


Mt Vazouras, The Volcano Edit

The volcano was ginormous. The lava was hot and always boiling. The volcano wasn't used much until the fourth age until Aran had appeared from the lava. He built his own dungeon which was feared by all. Aran was the only one to live in the volcano

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Inside the great volcano

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Mt Vazouras during the night

Nations of the Island Edit

  • United Kingdom of Dwarves
  • Salmon Pirate Nation of the Seas
  • Striper Nation
  • The City-State of New YDN
  • The One
  • La Repubblica di Venezia

Structures of The Mediterrayrib IslandEdit

First Age:  Raph's House, Erebor, Dom's Farm, Athan's House, Andy Shrine and The Markets (Papa's Patisserie, Club House and The Dwraven Merchant Store).

Second Age: The Vanilla Unicorn and The Capital YDN (The Underground Bank and Mafia Base of the KDR).

Third Age: Great Wall of Erebor, The Big Weff and New YDN.

Fourth Age: Quo Castle, Statue of Durin the Deathless, Anar Chicken, Museum of Art, Sex & War, Lil ol' Chapel, Aran's Dungeonand The Hotel Da Unicorn. 

Fifth Age: Horny Hog, Newspaper Stand, YDN Courthouse and New YDN Chapel. 

Sixth Age: N/A

Seventh Age: The Three Dildos

Eight Age: Stripper Embassy, Dilmah Tea Plantation, Quo YDN Barracks, New YDN Library, Quo-Prophet Castle.

Ninth Age: Various Quo towers, forts and the Quo Wall, Curtain of Blood

Tenth Age: Dandle Retreat House, New YDN Cinema, Gaby Franks Art Museum, Vanilla Unicorn 2.0 & DIlmah Embassy.