Age by Age - ‘The Server’ Edit

BEFORE AGE - The Beginning Edit

In the beginning, there was darkness. In that darkness lay nothing but One. His name be known through out the world to come, the one which he would create. The world was born through “The One’s” special ways. Islands of vast sizes were morphed from nothing, and light was born spreading its warmth throughout out the world.

AGE I - A New Beginning Edit

The One searched his new world, from land at its greatest height, to oceans of their deepest depths. No life had been born on land or sea, cave and mountain stood still, time unchanging in its place. Roaming the land, the one was content, settling on an island of beauty, he began work on a place he shall rest. Out of sight, unreachable by anything he sat at the top of his waterfall, this place, he would call his home. This land, would be The Mediterrayib. The Volcano in the centre, empty, but he knew one day that someone would call the

Volcano home. With a breath, time was born, life began to take shape. Roaming his lands he happened along to a lonely solitary peak. There in the caves laid and a short bearded strong creature laid, bare in need of a place to start. This would be his beginning. The One carried him in the light of the new moon. This short creature, a dwarf, would be called Koray, ‘The Ember Moon’. The mountain born creature began work on the one he had emerged from, trying to replicate a place he had seen before he awoke, ‘Erebor’ once the greatest city in his time. In search of answer, two men sailed into the island, they were called, Domenic and Athan. The One saw greatness in these two, but knew darkness would grow strong in one of them soon. The group began to collaborate with each other and complete their own homes. Always since their beginning Dom and Koray quarrelled over many things about the island and themselves.

They were allowed to choose parts on the the island were they called settle. Athan at the very northern entrance, Dom in the north west and Koray in the south west. They then began to start on a new city, one where they would be able to trade, where they would be able to live, eat and build. Collecting resources, Koray emerged from the forest, carrying a morphed creature, a mixture between man and woman, he was in search of his unicorn, a horse, and The One named him Philip, ‘Friend of Horse’. He began his long days working on his enterprise, longing the day would come where he would reunite with his Vanilla Unicorn. Athan began his work on his Pinger Emporium, and Dom, on his desert shop, Papas.

AGE II - Money Makes The World Go Round Edit

The completion of many homes, such as Dom’s and Athan’s, called for full focus on Philip’s magnificent build. Contemplating what he would do for a living, Philip decided on dancing, and named his new home, ‘The Vanilla Unicorn’ in memory of his old friend. The club flourished, everyone on the island would come to watch the Transexual dance, and they gave it the title, ‘Strip Club’. The Vanilla Unicorn have great pleasure to the people of the island and joy and break from the outside world and its troubles.

The One and Koray began work on the surrounding markets, the dramatic change in the town forced The One to rename the markets to; The Capital YDN. The introduction of a new economic system, gave the people an ability to handle money, jobs, and titles. Philip had adored Koray for many years now. Philip kept trying to ask Koray if he could live with him at Erebor. However Koray did not believe that this friendship between the strippers could work as they were not of his kin. Philip became very upset when Koray had rejected him.

The One would receive a name at last - Waffee The Pinger Overlord. Koray worked hard days and nights with the help of The Pinger Overlord, hoping to finish Erebor, slowly but surely, it happened. In the celebration of the completion Philip had hosted a party at The Vanilla Unicorn where all where invited. Dom and Koray, meeting in secret began talk of a new group/militia that would take "care" of the land while The Overlord was at rest. However they were caught by Waffee himself but Waffee wanted to join them, and Dom the godfather excepted.  The KDR became a strong mafia group, and reigned for years to come. But it was not all that Waffee had called for, terrorist attacks were called for on the island. Soon after Philip’s Strip Pimp Truck was complete, the KDR was vicious in their plans, and sparked the vehicle, causing it to explode. The people were furious, but due to The Overlord’s rules, he could not disadvantage others plans, and remained silent, retreating to his home.

AGE III - World War Domination Edit

(A battle of apes) Edit

In the time of his retreat, Waffee, with the aid of Dom and his men, began work on The Capital YDN, hoping to tidy up, and create a beautiful simplistic city design. Buildings were moved, paths were created, docks and a Statue of a guy on Pingers fapping was implemented, along with a new office tower for The Overlord, The Big Weff Tower/Bank. Content with his work, Waffee renamed the city to New YDN, in hopes people would notice the changes. Tension between the nations grew, and alliances were formed and a big group up of military forces began to emerge on the Erebor/Dom border. Erebor, at this time had become a great and powerful nation which wanted more land and power on this Island. However the Dwarves were not the only ones. The Pinger Overlord saw the darkness grow in Domenic’s eyes and The Quo Empire was formed with the help of Athan his old friend. The Quo Empire, a vicious militaristic state rich in food, began to provoke the other nations and demand resources from them. The Pinger Overlord knew it would only grow greater from this point on. In hopes he could slow down the Quo Empire, Waffee called for a meeting with the four other nations of the island, himself, the Dwarves, Athan's Kingdom and the Strippers. However Philip and Athan of the strippers decided to stay neutral in this affair (Athan rejecting Waffees offer due to his secret alliance with The Quo Empire).  So Waffee had looked to the one he had known the longest. He and Koray formed an alliance of their own, The Pinger Alliance, and hoped to rid of The Quo Empire, but alas, Weff knew there was no other way other than a war. For days to come, the three members of the KDR would argue of things now long forgotten, and in their fury the KDR was abandoned and a war was in sight. The Dwarves, with the help of Waffe began a new project, The Great Wall of Erebor, in hopes of securing their border with the Quo Empire. This served as a tactical advantage for The Pinger Alliance on its Northern border.The Quo Empire needed another nation if war would break out. Dom knew that The Dwarves would be very difficult too defeat so Dom needed aid to attack from the east. The strippers however declined this deal and Dom, the Emperor was furious at Philip for not accepting his deal.

On October 22, 352 (2015 irl lol) The Pinger Overlord declared war on the Quo Empire. The Pinger Overlord knew that war was inevitable and that eventually, when The Quo Empire was at her greatest, Dom would've declared war anyway. This then set off a chain of pacts and alliances. The four great nations were at war with each other, except Philip. As WWI had erupted, many battles broke out, lasting endless days, days turned into weeks, into months and years cos domo never came on, what a fag. It seemed, on the 30th of October, 399, The Pinger Alliance looked to win and the defeat of The Quo Empire was insight . As a great host of Dwarves from Erebor attacking from the south and The Pinger Overlord with his army of sellswords from the east, they laid siege onto the capital of The Quo Empire, Doms farm(later Quo castle). The capture of Doms farm by The Pinger Alliance meant the Quo empire had to retreat, and so, peace, was something the Quo Empire wouldn’t take as an answer. So in 399, A peace treaty was signed by the four nations which allowed, The Kingdom of Erebor to own, Athans home, (named Belegost by the Dwarves) and The Pinger Overlord would own Doms farm, the capital of The Quo Empire. New YDN was also given to Philip the strippers.

However this also marked the end of The Pinger Alliance pact between Koray and Raph. The Pinger Overlord was not content with the war created on his perfect land so he set back to the beginning, a world of darkness, ‘The End’, where his throne lay, perfect in its place. He devised a perfectly circular arena, with objects, advantages, disadvantages, and a boarder. Here the people of the Mediterrayrib would fight, duel, battle, win or loose, and so the Pinger Overlord would sit on his throne, happy with the world he had created. But that would not be today.

AGE IV - The aftermath, A New start, A traitor. Edit

Weff began work on a treaty, in hopes he could persuade the Quo Empire into leaving the battle in the past. After the peace treaty was signed by all four participants in the war, the treaty, was placed in a cabinet in the newly constructed Museum of Art, Sex and War. Exhibitions were added to the Museum as time went by, but most only took note in the real show, the memorial, WWI - a Battle of Apes. As time went on, Athan abandoned his friend Domenic, fed up with his wicked ways, in hopes he could do some good with his life. Having left The Pinger Alliance, Koray excepted the boy as a Dwarf in training, and they would spend endless days together, behind the walls of Erebor(nothing sexual happened I swear). Philip began work on additions to his club, the construction of ‘Hotel de Unicorn’ began, and a new enterprise owned by the Pinger Overlord him self was born, Anar Chicken was built and was the leading competitor in selling the most amazing chicken the world had ever seen. Koray decided to claim Ayrib Island, a small mountain island just of the coast of the Mediterrayrib for the Kingdom of Erebor. He and Athan created a deep and enormous mine which went straight through the face of the mountain and continued down many mine shafts, caverns and dungeons until they hit bedrock. Lil Old Chapel began construction and shortly after completion, Weff began work of a new courthouse were the nations could come and watch trials and what not lol. After many trials in the courthouse, Judge Weff decided to create a General Assembly, located on the top floor of the Big Weff. The Overlord walked and watched the people of his world. Then, walking through the undergrounds, he noticed the lava begin to bubble, the volcano begin to spirt, and out of the fiery liquid, a man like no one had seen before. No, not a man. This was an animal… No. This was the prophet, and he would was called Aran. Born from the Lava and born in the volcano, this was his home. Raph had then named the Volcano Mt Vazouras, in honour of the idol and God of The Dwarves. The Quo Empire took note of this prophet, hoping it would be a threat or competitor to The Pinger Overlord, he took Aran on board. The Quo Empire having lost almost everything in WWI, 30 years later The Quo Empire began to grow again stronger than it has ever been before. With their new found power, The Quo empire built a Castle, a castle so large it would take up a quarter of the island. And envy grew in the eyes of Athan, fed up with the Koray for not giving him his title. All he really wanted was to be a Dwarf, but envy and jealousy filled the small Salmon Boy, abandoning Koray and leaving to return to the Quo Empire. The little Salmon was accepted graciously by Domenic his old friend and Aran. Koray in fury shut the doors of Erebor forever, forbidding anyone to enter, and ridding anyone who was not born of the Dwarf kind in his lands. The reason for this betrayal King Koray never would never know and angry as he was he ended all trade agreements with Athan and he gave up Belegost, athans home, back to Athan as he did not want too see the fish anymore. Waffee, in sorrow for the Dwarf, spent his time carving a statue of Durin the Deathless to protect Koray and his home from these evil and dark times. Athan quickly realised his mistake, abandoning everything to start a new life, crafting a trusty dinghy, and setting off for the world. He would become a new Power, one which would not need to play by the rules. A Pirate nation of the seas. After Athan left the island to take up the uncharted seas, the Dwarves and Quo's made amends and became strong trading partners and interestingly allies. Through all the chaos, the stripper itself felt left out. So planning to expand its enterprise, the stripped set for the Salmon islands and claimed them as his own. Athan was furious for at the Strippers for claiming his ancestral land. Athan then called a meeting at Quo Castle and Dom and Koray was invited. At first Koray refused to go to the meeting but, Dom convinced Koray and so he arrived. There Athan asked his old friends to help him retake The Salmon Isles. Dom and Koray would distract Philip by attacking New YDN making Philip focus on their armies. This allowed Athan and his men to walk on and claim the islands for himself. Quickly after this meeting on November 16, 1947, War broke out and The Quo Empire, The Kingdom of Erebor and the Salmon "Pirate", the new name given to him, began to attack the Stripper nation. The War ended as quickly as it broke out, and the stripper, furious, left the land, and was exiled to a far island as a refugee. New YDN was then divided between the Dwarves and The Quo Empire, the Salmon Boy simply content with his islands he has successfully regained.

AGE V - Trading and Expansion Edit

After the arguments and wars, Domenic, Athan, Koray and Aran decided it would be best to divide the land between the two major powers, and the surrounding land would belong to the Salmon Boy. During this age The Quo Empire and the Kingdom of Erebor grew to be the two greatest nations since the first age. The Pinger Overlord was very impressed. Captain Salmon Boy began work on his ship, port and trade centre on his islands which he had connected. Aran walked around his volcano for weeks, months even, and saw no point in his life. So he went to the main city, in search of some purpose, and took note in the completely abandoned and overgrown Vanilla Unicorn, and spat on it. He loved the place, but hated the transexual behind it all. So he set to the mountain range at the corner of the city and built his own club. It would be named The Horny Hog, the successor to the Vanilla Unicorn. Weff set off to rebuild the city, it was in ruins after Philip had left, so he set to redesign the Lil Old Chapel, completely changed, and revamped, Salmon Boy would become the new priest and rename the church, New Old Chapel. The Pinger Overlord worked day and night to turn the haunted strip club into a memorial park, and so stood the original sign, in a sacred square of land. Aran left shorty to go on a pilgrimage into the Nether and Athan the Salmon Boy would finish his Salmon Square on his new islands. The Square became a major trade hub for the powers of the Mediterrayrib, and it was uphill for everyone from there. Waffee, not in need of any type of money or trade, decided to establish a newspaper company to pass time, he, Koray and Athan would spend hours after hours writing stories, and giving the people pleasure as they read the works of art. Emperor Quo and Athan left the island on vacation at long last, both in need of a break. Shortly after, The Pinger Overlord set off to discover new land, leaving King Dain, Koray to guard the island while The Overlord was on his journey. This was the first great age of peace.

AGE VI - A New World Edit

Domenic and the Pinger Overlord returned to the island after weeks of exploration, Aran to had returned from his pilgrimage. Waffee soon announced new islands which could be reached, with the equipment they had, Waffe, Koray, Aran and Dom set off for the new lands. The Pinger Overlord and Domenic set off in the same direction, Waffee discovering the great island of Numénor and Domenic discovering 2 large pieces of land which he named North and South Mordor. The Pinger Overlord accepted his old friend Koray onto his land and gifted him a valley. The Dwarf began construction on his new home, Stoneholm, and named his new valley, The Khazad Valley. Domenic and Aran worked on Mordor for months, building the tower of Barad-dur, and they began working on their great wall, surrounding Mordor in hopes it would keep out the others. The Pinger Overlord did not want to start work on his new house, he was too attached to his old one, but one thing he could not live with, was another day without Anar Chicken. He worked day and night with no breaks, no sleep, until Anar Chicken 2.0 was complete, in-between the mountains of the Khazad Valley. Waffee and Koray began mapping Numénor and Mordor, and once complete, Weff finally decided to build his new home, far away, up a twisted waterfall, out of sight, unreachable by anything. But he knew he could not stay in this beautiful land. When Athan returned from his long holiday, he set sail, and found great land, where he began working on Shipwreck Cove. Koray finally finished his new home, and rested. Many Dwarves from Erebor had migrated to this new land for a new life in a beautiful new city. Athan kept working for endless days, and soon enough, finally completed his new home too. Waffee, The Pinger Overlord would rest now, for he knew his time was coming.

AGE VII - As Quickly As It Started Edit

The new age of peace was here. The Nations were finally at rest, happy with what they had accomplished over their life time. Too old for battle or war, they all sat and enjoyed the life they had received. Waffee was at rest, he said good bye to his world, he loved it dearly but knew if he didn’t leave now, he never would. He said goodbye to all his creation, and his friends which he knew he may never see again. He was saddened, but he was happy. And as quickly as he had come, he was gone. Gone to the Undying Lands where he could finally be at rest, with not a worry in sight, and with all the Anar and women he could ever had wanted. His creation lived on, and even though they never heard from him again, they knew, he was at peace. And now his watch had ended.

The End.