The Desolation of Quo Edit

The Desolation of Quo War, was a global Realm War which lasted during 944 to 999. The War begun with the uprising of a new nation in Quo Empire lands, The Republic of Dilmah. Aided by The Great Kingdom of Erebor, The Salmon Pirate Nation of the Seas, The Stripper Empire and other vassals, they created an opposing faction named The Free Allies. The Free Allies sought to destroy The Fascist Quo Empire for their evil deeds, actions and way of life, fuckin fascists. The war lasted for 55 Realm years where thousands were killed, injured and have gone missing. All countries had focused on their War Economy and Industrial Power to push through and over throw one another to gain victory. The Pinger Overlord did nothing but watch the people of his world attempt the impossible, to overthrow the extremely powerful Quo Empire.

The Desolation of Quo Edit

Date: Ninth Age 944-999 (55 years)

The Mediterrayrib Island, Mordor, Woglandia, The Middle Sea, Numenor & The Vats Sea

  • Free Allies Victory
  • Fall of the The Fascist Quo Empire and Haradhrim Empire
  • Mordor is destroyed
  • Republic of Dilmah is formed
  • United Kingdom of Dwarves is formed
  • Stripper Nation is formed
  • Mussolini is hung
  • Creation of The United Ayribs
  • Emergence of the new super power, The UKD

Participants Edit

The Free Allies
  • The Great Kingdom of Erebor
  • The Salmon Pirate Nation of the Seas
  • The Stripper Empire
  • Republic of Dilmah
  • City State of Bree
  • City State of Dale
  • Free People's of New YDN
  • The Fascist Quo Empire
  • Fascist Quo City-State
  • The Haradhrim Empire

Commanders & Leaders Edit

Main Free Allies Commanders:
  • King Dain II
  • General Dwalin
  • Captain Salmon Boy
  • First Mate Jack Sparrow
  • Head Bitch Philip
  • Head Slut Shaniqua*
  • Uncle Dilmah
  • Captain Nunga*
  • Lord Girion
  • Lord Isildur*
Main Guerra Commanders:
  • President Mussolini*
  • General Guiseppe
  • Prophet Aran*
  • Commander Antonio*
  • Commander Pasquale*
  • Sultan Hussein
  • General Mansur Al Afif*

Strength Edit

  • The Great Kingdom of Erebor: 3800
  • The Salmon Pirate Nation: 1250
  • The Stripper Empire: 1000
  • Republic of DIlmah: 2000
  • City State of Bree: 250
  • City State of Dale: 250
  • Free Peoples of New YDN: 10
  • The Quo Empire: 8000
  • The Haradhrim Empire: 500
  • Mafia: 100

Causes of the Desolation of Quo War Edit

Dwarven-Quo Cold War 812-944: Edit

2016-06-08 22.50.30

Quo Dwarven Land in the 8th Age: Quo-Red Dwarves-Blue

The Dwarven-Quo Cold War erupted with the explosion of the Horny Hog in 812. Both nations were formerly allies but with rising Quo leader, Mussolini, King Dain disagreed with almost all of the fascist lifestyle that the Quo's had now fully adopted. Two major sides were now appearing in the Realm, Freedom or Fascism. The Quo's were extremely aggressive throughout the Eight Age and sought to destroy every "petty" and "weaker" nations than herself. Tensions were extremely high throughout the Eight Age and many other nations were forced to pick one side, the Dwarves, or the Quo's. The events, arguments and proxy wars during The Cold War Era led to the planing to destroy the Quo's, which ultimately ended the Cold War and begun the Desolation of Quo War. Koray was pissing his pants every time he logged on during this time.....

The Tea Picker Revolution Edit

When Mussolini had come to power in 755, there were 3 main races in the Quo Empire. Most were the white Quo people but there were also the native people to Mordor, The Tea Pickers and the Aborigines of Cootamundra. The Tea Pickers and Aboriginals were looked down upon greatly in the Quo Empire and were usually tortured and used for horrible science experiments. However in 784, a Tea Picker named Uncle Dilmah was born on North Mordor. He worked in the fields for many years and would secretly grow the great tea leaf that was slowing dying away in North Mordor. Before all forests and plant life were killed by the Quo's in Mordor, Uncle Dilmah had kept some for himself. During the early years of the Eight Age, Uncle DIlmah would secretly grow and brew his Dilmah Tea. However one day he was caught by Mussolini himself. When Mussolini had tried it he had loved it. In the 820's Uncle Dilmah was given land to grow tea on but in 836 when almost 10000 Tea Pickers were slaughter and gassed in North Mordor, Unlce Dilmah had become fed up with the Quo rule. In the late 8th Age, Uncle Dilmah, who was becoming a older and wiser man, began writing on a new structure of life. Uncle DIlmah had been influenced by the Dwarven political system, a Constitutional Monarchy. With this influence he had wrote about Socialism or Dilmahism where the reorganization of all economic life under the democratic control of the working class, to serve social needs of the people, the Tea Pickers. He believed in equality and how everyone should be aware equally with the amount of work they do and where no one will get more than the other. He also wrote about voting and how his people, the hard working people, should all be equal and free. Slowly Uncle Dilmah spread his ideas through his people, and all followed him in secret calling him "their saviour" from the Quo tyranny. In 875, Uncle Dilmah was lucky enough to start a Quo owned tea plantation in New YDN. Life was going swimmingly for him and he enjoyed to see other races of the Realm. He began to learn that fascism and the Quo's were a race, as he stated "were pure evil". So, in the 920's, Uncle Dilmah would secretly visit King Dain II and had him read his book. The Dwarves drooled at his ideas and promised Uncle Dilmah that they would do something. In 933, Uncle Dilmah and King Dain II had organised a meeting in Erebor to plan a war against the Quo Empire to free the Tea Pickers and the Realm. They planned together and decided to attack the Quo's in 944.

The Five Age Stripper Grudge Edit

Ever since Head Bitch Philip was voted to leave The Mediterrayrib, in the late 4th Age, she had always had a hatred to the Quo's, Salmon's and Dwarves. However, on his return he realised what the Quo Empire had become. She immediately began planning a way to get back at the Quo's. The blowing up of the Horny Hog was a catastrophic event which ignited Mussolini into fury. The Quo's Generals were extremely furious at the weak Strippers but were convicted by Mussolini to "not waste time on pathetic animals"- Mussolini 812. The Strippers had now caused a chain of reactions where major events would occur from this point, such as the Cold War. The Quo's were so furious at the Strippers, the Fascist Government had banned all Strippers from entering Quo territory, anti-Stripper songs and chants were developed by the Quo's and Quo scholars would now begin to write about the Strippers, and how "they we're the lesser people of all peoples. They should never be associated with the pure Quo race"- General Gabriele D'Annunzio 837. "The Pathetic War" or the War between The Stripper Empire and Quo Volcano City State exploded in 880. The Quo City State was heavily backed and supported by The Quo Empire herself, meanwhile, The Strippers were backed by the Dwarves and Salmon's. The war was a horrific loss for the Strippers who had lost all land on the Mediterrayrib, and had only owned the Stripper Peninsula on Avantia. Many Strippers were taken prisoners and were gassed and used and slaves on Mordor. This hatred filled Head Bitch Philip even more and had now, along with the Tea Pickers, wanted to destroy the Quo's.

Progress of the War Edit

The Desolation of Quo began in 944 at Quo Castle, The Mediterrayrib. However many battles were fought across the Realm engulfing the Realm into a full scale war...

Timeline of the War: Edit

  1. The Tea Picker Revolt~944: A large force of Dilmah Revolutionaries begin to attack Quo soldiers just outside Quo Castle. Then, the Dwarves, Strippers, Salmon's declare war.
  2. Battle of the two walls~944: Dwarven and Stripper forces began attacking the Quo wall and easily killing all Quo defences. They break through the wall to fleeing Quo soldiers who are trapped by Dilmah Revolutionaries, they slaughter the Quo's.
    2016-07-29 20.59.26 copy

    First Battle for Quo Castle

  3. First Battle for Quo Castle~945-952 (Guerra Victory): The Free Ally forces merge into one huge force and begin sieging into Quo Castle. Mussolini rallies his archers too shoot the incoming forces. After 2 Realm years of fighting, The Free Allies push through to only meet a huge fortified army of Quo's. Both sides fight brilliantly but with some confusion with the Salmon Captains and Head of Army Strippers, The Quo's defeated the attacking force and had pushed them back out of the Castle. Hundreds were killed
    2016-07-29 21.01.04

    Free Allied Troops pushing through

    in the first 10 years of the War.
  4. Battle for New YDN~950 (Free Allies Victory): During the siege of Quo Castle, New YDN turned into almost a civil war where residents were fighting against either side for control of the city, until a very small regiment of Quo soldiers turned up at the exact moment that a larger force of Strippers came running down the mountains to only kill them and every Quo supporter. The Free Allies take New YDN.
  5. 955: The Haradhrim Empire join the Guerra and declare war on The Free Allies.
  6. 957: The Quo Navy battle the Salmon Armada in the Middle Sea, Free Ally Victory.
  7. Harad invasion of Numenor, the City States of Bree and Dale join The Free Allies~960: The Harad army, led by Commander Antonio, land on the south side of Numenor and begin attacking Bree. The armies of Bree and well supplied with Dwarven gear, which the Haradhrim found difficult to destroy. Soon after the invasion, Dalish troops travel south to aid the Bree-Landers and they defeat the Haradhrim who basically gain no ground.
  8. Battle of Production Island~963 (Free Allies Victory): Dilmah Revolutionaries, led by Captain Nunga, push back all Quo troops from North Mordor, hundreds of Tea Pickers and Quo's were slain in the farms and factories of North Mordor.
  9. 966: The Free Peoples of New YDN Faction join The Free Allies.
    2016-07-29 21.05.08

    King Dain II and Capt Salmon Boy fighting side by side against Mussolini himself

  10. The Fall of Mordor~986-970 (Free Allies Victory): As Dwarven Generals, including the great General Dwalin, land on North Mordor, they witness the terrible events and signs of torture and death in the Death Camps of North Mordor. They have arrived to aid plan an invasion to capture the entire island. The Dilmah Revolutionary soldiers looked weak, tired and not fucked to progress anymore. But General Dwalin had geed all them up and for four years they fought against an army of Quo's. They made it all the way to Barad-dur when they saw that the Quo army had abnonded South Mordor and have destroyed all in their tracks. The Quo's had retreated and given up Mordor to go and defend other Quo territories. The Tea Pickers had reclaimed their homeland after 3 Ages of torture.
  11. The Battle in the Mountains~972-987 (Stable Conflict): This was the longest ongoing battle as neither side were able to push, due to the climate, attrition and lack of supplies from either side. Still a third of the Quo Army was stationed in Quo-Wog Castle, in Woglandia. Under Commander Pasqual, they attempted to take Golorin, a Dwarven Stronghold deep in the White Mountains of Woglandia. The terrain was awful and after 1 year of pushing, both sides came to a halt. For 14 Realm years, neither side advanced and both armies retreated back to their cities.
  12. Battle for the Vats of Ocean and control of The Middle Sea~970-980 (Free Allies Victory): The Quo Navy had been attacking ships throughout the Middle Sea and Vats Ocean since the beginning of the War. Led by Captain Salmon Boy a huge naval battle occurred off the coast of Avantia with there being almost 200 hundred ships destroy each other. The Salmon Pirate Nation was however, better equipped and more experienced with naval warfare and sunk the entire Quo Navy, this occurred in 980.
  13. Fall of Quo Castle Battle~980-983 (Free Allies Victory): After much planning by the Free Allies, they began to re-attack Quo Castle. It was an early morning in 680 and the Dwarven March Song was heard blasting so loud from the ruined Quo Wall that even people heard it from the Salmon Isles! Behind them marched the Salmon's and Dilmah himself with his small force. Slowly they made way to the gate of Quo Castle and met the Stripper force coming from the Northern Forests. The siege was the biggest battle to ever occur in the Realm and many signs of military brilliance and strategy was seen. King Dain II led the Free Ally Force to victory after 3 years of battle. The victory was heard quickly throughout the entire Realm. But Mussolini had escaped, back to Woglandia. Every side lost hundreds of troops in the siege with the Salmon's and Quo's losing the most.
  14. Capture for Athan's House~983-985 (Guerra Victory): In his rage of losing his capital, General Giuseppe second to Mussolini, led half of the retreating force from Quo Castle to Athan's home. The house was undefended and for two Realm years the Salmon's tried to recapture their leaders ancient house. Unable to take it Captain Salmon Boy was left furious and had made peace with Guerra. Typical Fish.
  15. Battle for Ajitaz-Al Harad~989-990 (Free Allies Victory): While the main force of the Free Allies were moving to Woglandia from the Mediterrayrib, a army of Dwarves from Stoneholm, Bree-Landers and Dalish Men traveled south and in one Realm year took the city from the
    2016-07-29 21.28.14

    Quo-Wog Castle

     Quo's weaker ally. The City as of a strategic importance as The Free Allies used it to supply troops who were going to take the last bastion of the Quo Empire, Quo-Wog Castle.
  16. Battle of Quo-Wog Castle~992-999 (Free Allies Victory): Mussolini was now nervous, he had only Quo-Wog Castle which he knew soon enough was going to be attacked. Mussolini had already lost both of his Commanders and he had thought that Giuseppe was missing. Knowing that the Pirates were out of the War, he was still terrified and knew his time was coming to an end. The Free Ally troops, consisted of Dwarves, Strippers, Tea 
    2016-07-29 21.28.18

    Quo-Wog Castle Ruins

    Picker's and Men of Bree and Dale. They rallied outside of the Quo-Wog Castle and battled for 7 Realm years. The Free Ally troops were well supplied and full of strength and courage to finally defeat the Quo's. As King Dain II and Head Bitch Philip made they way down to the final cell, Mussolini was awaiting there, scared shitless. 
  17. Battle for the Korlmond Island~998-999 (Free Ally Victory): During the seige of Quo-Wog Castle, a small force of Quo troops was left to defend a small island they had captured of Numenor during the Cold War Era. Lord Girion along with Bree-Landers invade the island and take the island back. This is where the last fighting occured during the War. The Free Allies had won! 

Aftermath of the War Edit

In the aftermath of the War, The Fascist Quo Empire was defeat and Mussolini was trailed and hung in New YDN and was left to rot on the petrol station of Cootamundra. A new set of laws was set by the one, banning fascism and Quo banners and all Quo supporters were sent to the New YDN Prison, in Mt Vazouras. The Haradhrim Empire was defeated and had become a puppet City Sate that the Dwarves controlled. Their Sultan, was abolished and sent into exile with a new democratic government put in its place.

For the Free Allies, The Republic of Dilmah was founded and Uncle DIlmah was seen as the great saviour of the Tea Pickers and a great reformer of democracy. The Republic of Dilmah were given Mordor which was renamed Zeb Lanka. The Stripper Empire had regained half ownership of New YDN and have earned their rightful gratitude in the war and renamed to the Stripper Nation. The Great Kingdom of Erebor Salmon Pirate Nation had now adopted a full democratic government and King Dain II was elected Prime Minister and Captain Salmon Boy was also voted as the leader of the Salmons. The Dwarves were rightful planners and rightful victors and now the strongest nation in the Realm. The United Kingdom of Dwarves, as they were renamed, were given ownership of the continent Woglandia, Quo territories on the Mediterrayrib and full ownership of Numenor.

---The Treaty of Democracy--- Edit

The Treaty of Democracy was written up by Lord Weff (The One) and King Dain II in 999. It was signed by all participants in the New YDN Courthouse. Treaty and Terms:

The Nations of the Realm was praised for their work in defeating the Quo Empire and Fascism. The Realm seemed now at peace and countries were coming closer together to work things out. The League of Ayribs was renamed to The United Ayribs. Not long after the Desolation of Quo War a great merchant of The Salmon Pirate Nation created his own nation in South Woglandia. He created the Republic of Venice, now the United Kingdom of Dwarves' closest ally and friend. The Realm is at peace...or is it??

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