The City of New YDN Edit

The City of New YDN, formerly The Markets and then The City YDN, is the city built on the eastern side of The Mediterrayrib. The city was built in 145 and has served as a gathering place from the leaders of the Realm throughout every age of the Realm. The city has expanded greatly over many ages with everyone contributing to it. The city has also seen many battles and new rulers who have looked after the city. They city has many famous buildings such as The Big Weff, The New YDN Museum of Art, Sex and War, The New YDN Courthouse, The Vanilla Unicorn V2 and Anar Chicken.
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The Markets 145-205 Edit

The Markets were finished in 145. There were only 4 buildings and a small town square. Athan had built his Club, Domenic built the first Papa's Patisserie, Koray had a small merchant stall and Philip had been building the most famous and iconic club of the Realm, The Original Vanilla Unicorn. Many times over the First Age the leaders would meet up in the Markets and many indigenous people over the Mediterrayrib moved to the Markets to live and build a city.

The Capital YDN 205-300Edit

The Markets were eventually changed into a city with much help from The Pinger Overlord. After the completion of Erebor, much stone was given to build more buildings in YDN. In 221, The Vanilla Unicorn was finally complete and the first bank and currency was created. "Pingers" was the first currency that Raph created. It was used for all nations and peoples of The Mediterrayrib. The Capital stayed the same until the year 300.

The Capital New YDN 300-Present Day Edit

The City was redesigned in the year 300 by The Pinger Overlord and Emperor Dom I. This was a huge event where many new iconic buildings were built. New paths were built, Docks and The Big Weff bank/tower
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. The new constructions and layout of the city was widely celebrated at the time with many parties and just special occasions. New YDN was now a busily city where many people would visit and come see the amazing builds. New YDN was never owned by an actual nation. The city was more of a City-State where an elected governor led the Free Peoples of New YDN and depended on other stronger nations to be Allies with. When The First Realm War, A Battle of Apes, which began in 352, 3 major and very eventful battles occurred for control over the city. Eventually The Pinger Alliance won control over the city against The Quo Empire. The New YDN Armistice was set out and written out in the year 400 where New YDN was given in control of The Stripper Nation. During Stripper rule the city expanded greatly with new buildings such as The New YDN Courthouse, The New YDN Museum of Art, Sex & War, Anar Chicken Restaurant, Lil ol' Chapel and the unification of the League of Ayrib's at the top of the Big Weff.

The Grand Opening of Anar Chicken in 444, was a huge event where all leaders of the realm came to The Ones new restaurant. The chicken was succulent and everything was fresh (Araq was that op it killed u). They partied all night and afterwards went to a dance in The Vanilla Unicorn. In 458, The Stripper Nation constructed the first hotel of the Realm, Hotel da Unicorn just behind the Vanilla Unicorn. Much trading and development of economic growth came to the city. The peoples of New YDN seemed happy with this new peaceful rule. When Captain Athan returned with his new nation, he wished to take back his homeland, the Salmon Isles. The Stripper Nation had claimed the Islands just shortly before Athan's return. In 497 The Strippers were declared war on by the Salmon's, Quo's and Dwarves where the war lasted only minuted with the Stripper army raising the white flag to the invading armies. Head Bitch was disowned and was voted off the island and sent with some Strippers too Avantia, thought then was just a small island. The City has now had new owners. A joint ownership between the Quo's and Dwarves had begun. The Vanilla Unicorn was destroyed and so was the Unicorn. A park and memorial was created in its memory.

The Fifth and Sixth Age was a time of peace and rapid expansion due to the discovery of new islands throughout the Realm. New YDN was not used often and the city was left to grow. In 763 Quo City State leader, Prophet Aran, had built a new shop, The Three Dildo's Cafe and a new club, the Horny Hog. Also, Lil ol' Chapel was renamed to, The New YDN Chapel.

With the return of Head Bitch Philip to New YDN in 800, the people, who have enjoyed Quo and Dwarven rule for four Ages, became very worried and uneasy. From the immediate return of Head Bitch Philip, he demanded space where The Vanilla Unicorn once was, to build a Stripper Embassy. The Dwarves had agreed but the Quo's refused. The Stripper Embassy also was a club where not many people where going to. The Horny Hog was a "somewhat" popular club and Head Bitch Philip saw her competition as a threat. In 812, the Horny Hog was bombed and 10 Quo's, 3 people of New YDN and a Pirate had died in the blast. The Quo's raged with fury as everyone knew that the Strippers had planed this attack. This turning point began the Cold War between the Quo's and Dwarves. New YDN became a divided city where 20% wanted Quo rule, 60% wanted Dwarven and the other 20% pleaded for independence (Dj Harris 832, hectic sources). The next event which occurred in New YDN was in 880 when an army of the religious Quo City, which resided in the volcano, attacked the Stripper Embassy, The Strippers rallied and were geared with Dwarven weapons and fought the Strippers at the newly Quo owned Dilma Tea Factory and at the Embassy itself. The war lasted for 3 Realm years and both sides fought terribly. The Quo's had regained control over the embassy and the Strippers were forced to retreat back to Avantia, the Dwarves were furious. The Quo's began to build a Quo Embassy and barracks in the Stripper Embassy's place. Throughout this time some happiness was seen in New YDN with the new DIlmah Tea Plantation. The tea became a big hit in the city and was even served at Anar Chicken.

In 901 a free man in New YDN created a party and a small faction. He believed in equality literally for all and no class systems, the opposite of Quoism. The Communist leader was Zac and he built his house just north of New YDN where he wrote about his beliefs. When war broke out in 944, a small Dwarven and the lading Stripper force gobbled up the Quo side of New YDN with almost no resistance. The Quo saw their castle as a more important structure than the city and so retreated back leaving Dwarves and Strippers to flood into the city. A total of 100 volunteers fought for The Free Allies and most served in the Final Battle for Quo Castle.

With the new beginning, New YDN was given half rulership to the newly formed UKD and back to The Stripper Nation who has not ruled the city since the late Fourth Age. The people loved the new rule and again the economy began to grow. Fascist and Quo supporters were thrown into jail and Fascism was banned in the world. With this new Tenth Age, three new shops have opened up. The Gaby Franks Art Gallery, showing various art works from people in the city, The New YDN Cinema, with new cool movies set up by The One and of course the re-opening of The Vanilla Unicorn which became a very famous hit like it was 5 Ages ago.