Raph's House Edit

This home was the second build ever on The Mediterrayrib by The One, Raph. It was built in the first age before the others came to the island. The building was designed and constructed by using the wood from the forests of The Mediterrayrib. The house is situated on the The Pinger Waterfall at the very southern edge of the island. The view from the house is of mostly the whole south side of the island, the volcano and the Southern Ocean.
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Raph's house on the Pinger Waterfall


Structure of the House Edit

The house is surrounded by a small farm and Spruce trees. Along the side of the mountain leads a wooden path to the very top of the mountains. The design of the house itself is small and serves as a retreat for The One, from the others of the world. The entrance of the house is a small room where Raph's bed is and living space. Down the stairs, on the second level, is the enchanting room. Here his pets, Cinnamon(Cat), Pide(Dog) , Nutella and Peanut Butter(Both Cats) run around and sit. On the very bottom of the house is the storage room where The One keeps his utensils and items in chests. Down on this level is also a balcony with a view of Pinger Island and the Southern Seas. The house is unreachable by the mortal man. However, it was said that only another knew a way up to the house. Koray had built a secret path which he used to meet his friend many times.

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Raph's living room

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Raph's House from the back

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Storage Room

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Enchanting Room

Raphs Second House, on NumenorEdit

Raph's second house was build on his second piece of land. This one to himself and Koray; Numenor. The largest waterfall on Numenor; The Fall of Vitality, is where Raph's second houseis siutuated. The waterfall is much calmer than The Pinger Waterfall, taking pauses before falling again. The second house is shaped in an L, with a small farm, home to Bob, housed the inner corner. Surrounded by a large forest, a few meters in any direction will take you to the cliff edge of the large mountain the waterfall climbs.

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Raphs second home

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Inside of Raph's house

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Second level

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Raph and Bob