Numenor Edit

The Great Island Numenor is the second largest island ever to be seen in the Server world. Numenor is only due east of Mordor. Numenor was only settled in the early Sixth Age by Raph and Koray. Numenor was home to 2 Free Peoples City-States, Bree and Dale.


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The Great Island of Numenor



History of Numenor Edit

Numenor was the second island to appear in the Beginning. It was said, by The One, that the men of Dale and Bree lived and also fought with each other Ages. In the Sixth Age, Raph was the first outsider to the people of Numenor. They thought he was a god. He had claimed ownership of Numenor and he gifted a valley in the North Eastern region of the island, to his dear friend Koray and his Dwarves. Other nations immedialty became jealous of the island and hinted many times that "a storms coming bitch"-Aran 2016. The first build on Numenor was the construction of the new Dwarven city, Stoneholm. Stoneholm was a little smaller than Erebor but was still strong and rich in ores. Raph, missing his beloved Anar Chicken, decided to build Anar Chicken 2.0 in between the mountains of the Khazad Valley, as the Dwarves called it. Raph then built his home, again on top of a waterfall, which was high up in the mountains away from all and human contact. The final build of Numenor was the Beach Club House built on the beaches in the Northern part of Numenor. Many visited.



Numenor Terrain Edit

Numenor was filled with gigantic trees and beautiful forests. In the middle of the island laid the so called Riverlands where many rivers intersected with each other running though the entire island. On the West side of the island laid the Freefolk Cities of Bree and Dale. The Khazad Valley was situated in the North East of the island.
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The Khazad Valley entrance

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Forest of Numenor


Numenor Timeline Edit

  • First Age: N/A
  • Second Age: Bree and Dale have a war over the Riverlands of Numenor, Bree wins.
  • Third Age: N/A
  • Fourth Age: N/A
  • Fifth Age: N/A
  • Sixth Age: The One claims Numenor for his own and gifts The Khazad Valley to Koray. Stoneholm, Anar Chicken 2.0, The Beach Club and Raph's second house are built.
  • Seventh Age: The great road of Numenor connects all the settlements of Numenor together.
  • Eight Age: A small island off the coast of Numenor is stolen by The Quo's. Dwarves hold peace, barely.
  • Ninth Age: Fascists of Bree, supported by the Quo's fight against democrats supported by the Dwarves have a civil war with the democrats beheading the fascist leader winning the war. The Dwarves and Bree-landers attack the island the Quo's fought crushing the Quo defence and taking the island back.
  • Tenth Age:

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Free folk City of Dale

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Free folk City of Bree

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The Beach Club

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Raph's House on Numenor