The Fascist Quo Empire Edit

The Fascist Quo Empire 755-999 (Dom the fucktard spelt Quo wrong, really it was "Kuo" but oh well suck me off then cunt), formerly the Fist Quo Empire 297-399 and then the Second Quo Empire 430-755, was led, by Emperor Dom I, Emperor Dom II and Domenico Mussolini (these characters were played by Domenic). The First Quo Empire was founded upon the Domenic Nationalist Party in the First Age at Dom's Farm. The start of the Quo Empire would shape history for 10 Ages. The First and Second Quo Empire's were led my the royal line of Dom I and Dom II. The empires were very military led and well stocked on supplies. With Domenico Mussolini coming into power and adopting fascism, in 755, developed a very strong impact on the Realm. The hatred for the Strippers and awful treatment of the Quo indigenous peoples would be apparent to the world. Mussolini led his Empire through wars, a Cold War and the Desolation of Quo brought his empire too a halt and his life too. Which we all enjoyed!

The Fascist Quo Empire Edit


▪  First Quo Empire: 297-399

▪  Second Quo Empire: 430-775

▪  Fascist Quo Empire: 755-999


▪  Emperor Dom I~297-508

▪  Emperor Dom II~508-755

▪  President Mussolini~755-999

National Anthem

▪  "C'è solo un capo" ~297-755

▪  "Quovinezza"~755-999

Capital: Dom's Farm: 297-399, Quo Castle: 430-999 Other Cities: New YDN (half), Mother Fort, Quo-Wog Castle, Barad-dur, Production Island & Quoshwitz

Located: The Mediterrayrib, North & South Mordor, Woglandia, and various other islands at Quo's peaks

Languages: English, Quotalian, Aborigines & Zeb Lankan

Religion: Quoism


▪  297-754 Absolute Monarchy

▪  755-999 Fascist Dictatorship

Military power at its peak over the Ages

▪  Third Age: 1100

▪  Fourth Age: 200

▪  Fifth Age: 1250

▪  Seventh Age: 4000

▪  Eight Age: 5500-6000

▪  Ninth Age: 8000


The Quo Alliance: 341-399

First Dwarven-Quo Alliance: 435-458

Second Dwarven-Quo Alliance: 467-600

Dwarven-Quo Defensive Pact: 625-755

Mussolini-Dain Pact: 755-812

Quo-Stripper Defensive Pact: 801-ripped up by Mussolini

Guerra: 944-999


  • Red Skull: Symbol of Blood and Totalitarianism
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The Quo Empire Banner

History of the Quo's Edit

The Quo's were a very patriotic and nationalistic people who followed the line of Dom since 297. Quo's were not all fighters and killers, but had a very special cuisine and grew the Realms crops until their demise. The Quo's were fantastic fighters and knew the ways of war very well, however unlike the Dwarves, they were equipped with weaker gear and weak weaponry. The Quo Longbowman were the most famous Quo soldiers in the nation. It was foretold they could shoot from Mordor to the West of Numenor! The Quo's were religious and most believed in the Prophet Aran and his religion, Quoism, an what a shit religion the was lol. The Quo's were the most feared race for Ten Ages, and did well until their demise in the Tenth Age.
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Dom's Farm

Domenic's Nationalist Party 125~297 Edit

Founded in 125 by the people of Dom's Farm, the workers and people who worked on his farm believed that Domenic was some type of God. His people would follow him protect him and die for him if need be. They were the earliest forms of people to create a national feel for one of the OG's (Koray, Domenic, Athan, Raph, Aran, Philip). The most notable achievement by the Nationals was the founding of Papa's Pasticceria and the trade of food between the Dwarves. Ayrib the Quo's, Raph pumped Quo like a milf. 

The First Quo Empire 297~399 Edit

The people rose up and together formed a empire with a monarchy at its head in 296. It was official in 297 when Domenic was initiated as Emperor of the Quo Empire. The new empire was seen as a new age in Domenic's people and new era of power. The Dwarves were reluctant with this new empire on their northern borders. For Emperor's Dom first task was to maximise food production and increase the Quo population to make em fuck. In 300 60% of Quo exports were sent to the Dwarves, 30% to Athan's people and 10% to the Strippers. Emperor Dom I began training men and forcing many people into the army. General Giuseppe, Domenic's right hand man, was given the task to train many men. Diplomatically, the Quo focused on improving relations with the Free People's of Athan. Emperor Dom's old friend lived in the Northern Mountains and would serve the Quo's as a good ally. The Dwarves and Strippers, the Quo's did not like. Emperor Dom was all too jealous of King Dain. During 300-310, the Quo Empire was expanding, economically, diplomatically and militaristically, what zebs.

The creation of the Pinger Alliance in 313 angered Domenic greatly. The Quo's became very threatened and annoyed with Dwarven troops training on the border of the great Empire. In resistance, the Quo Army was doubled to over 1000 troops, the entire Stripper population. Emperor Dom I had begun training the military under various Generals who looked like they knew what they were doing. The Great Arms Race (315-328) was when the Quo Empire and the Kingdom of Erebor battled out on trying to create a larger and stronger army then the other. Both nations competed with each other for 13 years trying to prepare themselves for an inevitable war. With the preparations being made, Emperor Dom I and his Generals, Guzlak and Giuseppe, wrote out the Giuseppe Plan of 333. It was simply designed to hold off the Dwarves at the wall while take over the east of the island and flank the Dwarven army. In the 340's the Quo assembly questioned their man power and feared for the islands revolt against them. Emperor Dom I agreed and met with Lord Athan of the Free Peoples of Athan who lived in the northern mountains. Lord Athan was loyal to Dom and to the Quo's and signed the Quo Alliance Pact against the Pinger Alliance.

With final preparations finalising in the Quo army, Emperor Dom I secretly met with Head Bitch Philip in 350, two years before the war. He urged the Bitch to join his cause but the Strippers declined. Angry the Quo's left and Dom planned to destroy the strippers after he was done with the Pingers. For the First Quo Empire, World War One seemed a good test of her ability to stand up and defeat the oppresses. But, it wasn't meant to be, The Pinger Overlord was a God and pretty much single handily destroyed Athan which served as a great ally to the Quo's in their time of need. Emperor Dom I knew after the Third Battle for New YDN that his Empire was coming to a close. He ordered his nation into lock down at the Farm. After his ally was defeated and annexed, the First Quo Empire saw its end marching forward. Most prisoners were murdered in the prisons, files were burned and crops too so their enemies could not have it. The First Quo's were a very strong and proud people who saw their fate in 399 when the New YDN Armistice was signed. Emperor Dom I was exiled and did not appear for 30 years.

The Second Quo Empire 430~755 Edit

For 30 good years the Realm was at peace. The Dwarves, Strippers and Pingers succeeded in power while the Quo's and Athan's were lost. In 430, Emperor Dom I appeared with the Quo population who resided mostly in Athan's land and New YDN. They stood outside of the League of Ayribs and demanded for their land back. King Dain II was hesitant at first, but was convinced by Head Bitch Philip and the Pinger Overlord. So it was official and in 430 the Second Quo Empire was founded by Emperor Dom I. His people flocked to him and supported in rebuilding the nation, stronger then ever...

The old farm was destroyed and slowly the Quo's began constructing the new capital, Quo Castle. Surprisingly all nations of the realm participated in building the castle and the Dwarves supplied the Quo's with weapons, armour and stone to build the walls. Emperor Dom's first goal was to achieve friendship with the Dwarves of Erebor. He sought out to use their power to increase his own within his nation. In 435 the Quo's made an alliance with the Dwarves and aided each other greatly. Slowly the Quo economy and exports increased and the country began producing like it once did.
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The Great Castle of Quo

The Birth of Quoism Edit

In 438, everything changed. A Prophet was summoned in the volcano and left to find someone to infest. Prophet Aran had beam lined into the Emperor Dom I. He had founded the principles of a religion which opposed the One and believed in the ancient Quo. The Quo's adored this new ideology and embraced it gladly. The Second Empire began stronger than the first for the Emperor believed his Quo's now had a purpose in life. The Prophet settled in the volcano and became a City-State ally/puppet who would serve the Emperor until death. Emperor Dom I married too Giulia Salemi who later gave birth to a son in 486. Dom II he was called and was educated by some of the best Quo tutors in the Empire. His fathers change of ideas effected him greatly.

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The Quo Shrine

The Quo Empire was a major impact in the Stripper coup d'etat were Emperor Dom I got his revenge on the Stripper Nation. Emperor Dom I now an old man began teaching and mentoring his son greatly. He spent most of his days teaching him about history, literature, sex positions and eventually how to be an Emperor. In 507 Emperor Dom I was checked and received news that he had Aids. He did not tell anyone but his council. One year later in 508 Dom I passed. This marked a new beginning led by his son Emperor Dom II.


The New Emperor Edit

The Quo Empire grieved for many years at their founders death and looked forward to a new future, under their new leader. From his youth Dom II was obsessed with the military and adored watching his fathers army march and parade. He was also influenced greatly by monks who would teach him the ways of Quoism. Over his 247 year reign, there were more religious buildings built by the Quo's then every other nations combined. Also Emperor Dom II had conscripted 1000 Quo's into the army who would become an elite force to be feared. The nation kept growing and slowly was catching up with the Dwarven and Salmon economy (which was based upon how much Athan sold his "produce" for lol). Emperor Dom II had also, during the V Age, created more jobs for his people and his country was recognised as a key partner in the League of Ayribs. Dwarven-Quo Relations were ecstatic and Dom II carried on his fathers dream to expand the Empire.

The Great Quo Expansion Edit

The Sixth Age changed the Realm forever. It opened up new islands and worlds to colonise. As soon as the Pinger Overlord gave the go ahead for the nations to expand, Emperor Dom II and Prophet Aran together sailed North with 2000 settlers. For 2 months they sailed and came across two great islands similar in portion. They docked and claimed the island under the Quo Empire. However, after just arriving they realised that there was an indigenous tribe on the island. As famous Quo Historian Pasquale states "The Zeb Lankan tribes men attacked us immediately and so under the head of General Giuseppe they counter attacked and destroyed half of the Zeb Lankan population". Lovely.

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North and South Mordor

In 608, the Quo's finished production of the tallest tower ever constructed on the Realm, Barad-dur. The tower reached the limits of the fucking world and could be seen from the Numenor Coast. Emperor Dom II was astonished at "his" build. The Zeb Lankans were forced into building the tower and lived in horrible conditions in mines, farms and barracks in Production Isle. Quoism kept strong among the Quo's. Missionaries from Prophet Aran were sent all over Quo colonies. The Great Wall of Quo surrounded the island and made it very defendable from the dark arts. The Mordor Islands were a representation of production and nationalism from the great Second Quo Empire.

In 698, at Quo Castle, Domenico Mussolini was born from rich bitch class. Mussolini was educated at the La Costra Nostra University at Quo Castle. His intelligence was seen by many professors as a gift. High Professor Tom Riddle urged Emperor Dom II too meet with Domenico Mussolini. Mussolini was a bright arrogant bitch of a man. He was handsome, strong, he had a huge knob yet he was cunning an knew what he wanted. Emperor Dom II omitted Mussolini into his High Council as Chief of Propaganda. This was the turning point for Mussolini. Mussolini knew he wanted power and wanted to control the Quo Empire. In the 730's Mussolini began writing and publishing new works into the Quo newspaper called La Costra Nostra.

Mussolini's new ideology, Fascism, an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organisation. He knew it was the way of the future and the right move for the Quo Empire. As Mussolini sat on the council he became close friends with General Giuseppe. Giuseppe too wished for a new rule and a new leader. In 755, Mussolini had hired Don Vito Corleone too assassinate Emperor Dom II. Once Emperor Dom II was killed the Empire went into chaos. With no leader or ayr the the throne the Quo's were frightened and scared. Mussolini had stepped up and made in his famous speech in 755 to convince the people of Fascism. The people saw him as a God. People cheered and yelled in joy at the new leader. Mussolini had abolished the monarchal system and made the rule through him and his army.

The Fascist Quo Empire 755~999 Edit

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Domenico Mussolini Speech in 755

Mussolini's new ways were seen as glorious all over the Realm. The nations saw Mussolini as a new saviour for the troubling Quo's. Mussolini doubled the economy, tripled the military production and increased nationalistic ideas of the Quo people. He made his people feel purer than the other races of the Realm. Mussolini even gave some rights to the Zeb Lankan's stating "that the members of this glorious Empire should be equal". The Eight Age was the most stressful Age in the Realms history. With the return of the Stripper Nation, Mussolini felt disgusted. He had never like the Strippers and felt that they were not pure like the other races of the Realm. He again sought to destroy them. Surprisingly the Strippers sent a Defensive Pact to the Fascist Quo's and Mussolini used this too gain trust with the Strippers. Mussolini really accepted this to understand and spy on the Strippers that he would later backstab. In 812 when the Strippers blew up the Quo club, The Horny Hog, Mussolini was prepared to attack the Strippers. He was so furious that he wanted to destroy the Strippers. But soon enough informants found TNT under Papa's Patisserie which was placed by Dwarven spies. Mussolini had also assumed that the Dwarves paid the Strippers too blow up the Horny Hog and so began the Dwarven-Quo Cold War.

Cold War Edit

After the Horny Hog incident Mussolini's Nationalist Party put forward many expanding policies. The Quo Empire army expanded again by 2000 and a Quo navy was slowly becoming a reality. The Quo Empire claimed islands off the coast of Mordor and claimed all of Avantia up to the Stripper Peninsula enslaving the Abo's of Cootamundra. The discovery of Woglandia too aided the Quo's too gain even more land. The troops were sent out to claim all the land quicker than the other nations. In Woglandia, the Quo's owned the entire North and Southern parts of the continent.  The Dwarves were secluded in the eastern mountains, and in the western desert, the Quo's sought to own the Haradhrim and "convert" them. These new lands produced greater living room for the Quo's, more resources, minerals and slaves which were from Cootamundra. Mussolini's behind empire was now become vast and was rapidly industrialising to compete against the Dwarves. Quo armour and weapons were becoming stronger and more durable. Too the navy had begun to expand, made from Woglandian Dark Oak, Quo frigates were now opposing as a threat too the huge Salmon Navy.

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Production Isle-835

In 835 the Quo's, led by Giuseppe, stole and island right off the coast of Numenor and said it was "their embassy". This infuriated King Dain II greatly that this event nearly led to a war. The Quo's however stood strong and began fortifying the island, building walls and homes for troops. Mussolini had created a nation of people who's national unity was superior too all others. All Quo's would die for him, for their glorious Empire and for Fascism. One year later, Zeb Lankan workers, Abo workers and other prisoners rose up in North Mordor (Production Isle) and began to attack Quo soldiers. The battle ended in the morning and Mussolini had sent 4500 troops against 2000 poor, sick and even some unarmed rebels who wanted freedom. Most rebels were slain, tortured and never seen again. 

Quoism still stayed strong in the Fascist Quo Empire. Prophet Aran still preached the religion of Quoism from the volcano. Mussolini did not take his life to the religion, like the Emperors, but he merely used it as a weapon to bring the religious people under his fold.

The Cold War carried on but Quo life seemed normal and simple. Mussolini's head of propaganda, Giovanni Gentile, and also head of the famous newspaper "Il Quoce", worked very closely with Mussolini and together they made fake lies about the Dwarves, Salmons and especially the Strippers.

Hatred towards the Strippers Edit

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Quo Propaganda during the Eight Age

Since the blowing up of the Horny Hog, Mussolini's Grand Assembly passed huge amounts of laws against Stripperswho ever dared to go near the Quo Empire. Like Emperor Dom I, Mussolini argued that the Strippers were traitors and the main reason for the loss of World War One. If captured, Strippers were sent to camps all across the vast Quo Empire. However, most were sent to North Mordor, or Production Isle. There in the dry north, Strippers were forced to live and sent south to the fields to help grow crops and produce for the great Fascist Empire. Old, tired, sick and even slightly injured Strippers were sent too "Day Spa's" or really fucking Gas Chambers, Drowning Chambers or Burning Chambers where thousands of Strippers were killed.



Quo City-State-Stripper War Edit

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Quo City-State-Stripper War

In 880, Mussolini was preparing for the destruction of the Stripper Empire. The Strippers had immediately taken up the side of the Dwarves. Mussolini needed his name to be feared in all the Realm and he wanted his people too see him as a leader of war. He gathered his 13 Generals and told them too get together a weaker bitter army of new conscripts. He also told his City-State leader, Prophet Aran, to prepare for a war. In March 880, the Quo-City State began to justify a war goal against the Stripper Empire, stating that the Stripper Embassy in New YDN was rightfully Quo land for almost 400 years. The Strippers refused and in December of 880, the Quo-City State attacked the weak Strippers. This became a proxy war. The Quo side was geared with new Quo gear, and much of the Stripper army was given Fourth Age old Dwarven Armour. The war was pathetic, as both sides were terrible at fighting. Many Strippers were caught and sent straight too Mordor to meet their doom. But after three years the fighting ended on the hills in New YDN and the Quo City-State had won leaving the Strippers with no land. Mussolini was of course given all the praise and everywhere Quo painters painted him fighting on the field hand in hand, standing on top of dead Strippers, and cutting the head of Strippers like it was a trophy. The League of Ayribs was outraged and made sure this fucking religious zebs in the volcano were given harsh economic sanctions.

Bree Civil War Edit

After countless diplomatic and internal success throughout the Eight Age, Mussolini had stressed the spread of Fascism throughout the Realm. As the Strippers and Dwarves were doing many anti-fascist rallies, the Quo's merely sent delegates to talk with minor nations. The Haradhrim did like the ideas of fascism but their ruler, Sultan Hussein wanted to keep his nation as a monarch and stressed to his people the importance of joining with the Quo Empire. Bree was, for the Quo's, close, strategically in a good place and served as a very close ally to the Dwarves. Being on Numenor, Bree would be a fantastic ally for Mussolini. Quo fascist writers stressed the importance of their race and said that the Bree-landers were also of their kin. Many Bree-landers ignored the Quo's but a large amount became obsessed. In 910, a Bree Fascist State was created and began staging a coup. The Quo's were amazed and immediately sent expeditionary forces, food and weapons to aid them. The Dwarves were furious at this outbreak. Dain II did not believe it that much that he travelled himself to Bree too see it for himself. The Fascist Bree-landers were supported by the Quo's and the Pro-Dwarven Bree-landers were aided greatly by the Dwarves and by the heavily left winged Dalishmen. For 7 years the civili war went on, many Bree-landers died but eventually the Fascist were defeated. This time Mussolini had lost.

The Fall of the Fascist Quo Empire Edit

After the Bree Civil War, Mussolini began spreading further fascism to the Salmons. The Salmons have been in isolation from the troubles of the world since the start of the Fascist Quo's. However, most Salmons did not like the Quo's, and Captain Salmonboy thought that Mussolini was trying to take the seas for his own, the one life line supply of the Salmons. In 944, everything had changed. The Free Allies had risen up to help the Zeb Lankan's to defeat the Quo Empire. Mussolini was devastated. But he was ready. The Quo armies were bigger than all of the Free Allies troops combined, but not all well equiped or that good at fighting. The Quo's had the Haradhrim Empire on their side of the war. The Desolation of Quo War was a horrifying display of fighting that the Realm had never see before. After the fall of the Quo capital, Mussolini feared for the survival of his nation. Along with General Giuseppe and other fellow members of the Fascist Parties escaped to the last held fortress of the Quo Empire. Quo-Wig Castle eventually fell and Mussolini was captured. All the survivors of the Fascist Party were trialled and sent to prison. Mussolini was the only one who was executed for his crimes. Mussolini's last words were "All I wanted was a cheeseburger".

The Quo fuckers left a huge legacy on the Realm 5ever. And as the Pinger Overlord says "Pingers".

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Mussolini being hung in Cootamundra