The Dwarven city of Erebor Edit

History of Erebor Edit

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The Gate of Erebor

Koray, was the dwarf who awoke in the First Age under the Lonely Mountain. He was met by The One and was taken to the surface to see the world. After he woke he only remembered his city that he grew up in, Erebor. So Koray began to construct Erebor to be the capital of his Kingdom. In the First Age, The King found underneath the mountain, in the mine, the jewel of his Kingdom. The Arkenstone. The Arkenstone never stopped glowing and was always protected by the commanders of Erebor. Erebor was complete in the Second Age and housed four main halls. The main hall, the throne room, the forge and mining hall and the King's Room and other rizib. Most of the wealth came from the mines and forges of Erebor. For the gold never ran dry and the steel was as hard as bedrock.

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Statue of Durin the Deathless

During the War, Erebor was attacked twice. The first was a major victory in defence but the second was much more difficult. However the Dwarves held out and defeated the armies of Quo and Athan. During the Fourth Age, especially after Ayrib Island Mine expansion, Erebor was the richest city and the most feared in size, might and military power. All, even The One, admired Erebor in its glory. After Athan's betrayal, The One and the Dwarves of Erebor, constructed a statue of their great father, Durin the Deathless. This was used to scare off enemies and so the great might of The Kingdom of Erebor and Koray. The barracks and the great vault were also a new major addition for training troops and storing the gold, gems and metals that came from the forges of Erebor. In the later Ages nothing major occurred in Erebor. Erebor was still the same, beautiful capital of the Dwarves. Koray was always happy.



Structure of Erebor Edit

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The Main Hall

The gate entrance of Erebor was made from reinforced Dwarven steel and bedrock which was merely impossible to break through. Erebor was mostly built out of, Stone Bricks, Andersite, Cobblestone, Diorite, Gold and Iron. When walking through the gate you were led down by stairs into the Main Hall. The Main hall was empty but the walls were well designed and constructured. There was also a staircase that led up to the battlements of Erebor where archers were placed to defend the fortress. Straight on from the entrance of Erebor led to the Throne Room. The Throne Room was where the King sat underneath the jewel of his Kingdom, The Arkenstone. To the right of the Main hall were stairs with lava pillars flowing from the roof. Down these stairs led you to the great forgery room. Here miners, dwarves who worked the forges, blacksmiths and jewel inspectors worked day and night to fill up the vault of Erebor, which was hidden in the wall.

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Erebor Vault

This room was walled by many lava pillars and chiselled stone bricks. Another passage was built from the forge room to the city Barracks. Here were the great legions of Erebor slept, trained, planned and sang their national anthem "All Rise for Erebor". To the left of the Main Hall was the King's Room and other "rizib". At the end of this chamber was Koray's Room where he spent most of his days. In this large chamber was also The Enchanting Room, The Mile High Club (Which led to a secret KDR Mafia base) and the kitchen. There was also another room which served no purpose until the Fourth Age where Athan came to stay in Erebor. Then when he left it became a storage room and then, after that, it became the Quo Empire Embassy and it now serves as the Parliament Room for the politicians of the United Kingdom of Dwarves. During the Tenth Age, a huge Birlione Union meeting room was too built, it was the deepest room in the Realm.

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The Throne Room

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Forge Room

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Erebor Barracks

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King's Room and other Rizib

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The famous Mile High Club

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King Dain's (Koray's) Room