Capt_SalmonBoy, Athan (Aten, prick, fish, skinny boy, twat, traitor bastard & Elvis), was a fish, pig like man creature who came to The Mediterrayirb with his old friend and lover Domenic. He arrived drunk and ready for whores.

Athan in Real Life Edit

Athan is of Greek decent. As Philip says "He puts his bones on the line for Sparta". Athan is a coaster in life and on the odd occasion he makes a good joke. Athan is the most mocked member of the Server. Koray and Aran will often jump on the opportunity to mock him or make an obscene joke about him, sometimes involving the running joke that Athan "is in love with Domenic" -Koray and Aran's theory. Athan as per usual would get really salty at this or just give up and take it in :) . . . thats not the only thing he is forced to take in ;)

Athan on the Server Edit

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Captain Salmon Boy, Athan

Athan came on a boat with his trusted friend Domenic in the First Age after The One and Koray were born. He soul purpose at first was to just lay around and do things for others, as he had no specific job.

First Age: Edit

As I've said multiple times already, Athan came on a boat with Dom together and entered through the northern straits of The Mediterrayrib. Athan  was graciously welcomed by the One. He later on then met Koray, the Dwarf, and was amazed at his beard. Athan had decided to set up his lovely home on the very northern mountains which overlooked the northern straits. He was basically the lighthouse of the island. His house was made of marble and strong wood of the forests of the North. His nearest neighbour was Domenic towards the south west. After his house was complete Athan and The One began building the Markets. Athan had decided to build a night club in the markets for all to enjoy. In the late First Age, after Philip was discovered, Athan's club was overtaken by "The Vanilla Unicorn" and Athan was jealous at Philip and wished his club was as popular as Philip's

Second Age: Edit

At the beginning of the Second Age, Athan pre-occupied himself with his interest into brewing potions. The One allowed him to travel to The Nether so Athan could create potions for trade. As he returned and began learning the great brewing recipes, all the homes were complete on the island and The Markets were transformed into The Capital YDN. Ethan's potions became famous and with the new economic trade system, Athan was able to make a living. The rise of the KDR Mafia caused a major set back for Athan's position on the island. The mafia's plans were too screw over Athan dramatically. They first constantly attacked Athan around his own home which made him very salty and pissed ("Get ripped ya dog" - Koray 2015). After much troubles for Athan the mafia decided to point a blame to him again. After the Pimp Truck bombing, Athan was blamed for blowing up the truck and the mafia got away with it again by screwing Athan over.

Third Age: Edit

Athan at the beginning of the Third Age decided to rest and look out over the horizon of the sea. Athan then got an amazing idea. He went down into the ocean and feeling horny he undid his pants and took a massive fap in the ocean, "Thats why the sea is so salty children!' - Athan 2015. Then the arms race between The newly fascist state, The Quo Empire and the Glorious Kingdom of Erebor began. Much of the Third Age was arguing between The One and King Dain, against Emperor Dom. During this time The Emperor asked Athan his lover for help. Domenic knew that he needed a second party if he was to go against Koray and Raph. Athan was promised land and many riches from Domenic if he was going to back up his ally. Domenic began to mobilise and so did Athan's army of sell-swords. Athan and The Quo Empire then decided to sign, in written form, a Defensive Pact and Ally Pact. When war broke out Athan and his army of men (500) were sent by Dom to capture The Capital New YDN. They took the city without fighting. After setting up defences an army of 600 Dwarven Legions (Koray) and 100 sell-swords (Raffy) came from the the south and defeated the entire army of Athan. Athan was forced to retreat with some men back to his home. After the YDN retreat, Athan's remaining army of 400 were sent too attack Erebor. Erebor was very well defend by Dwarven King's guards and Athan's army could not even make past the first line of defence. Athan again called a fiery retreat and headed back to Dom's Farm. Athan was then again called to come with The Quo Empire army to attack Erebor. Athan and Dom had pushed very far and had made it through to the throne room. The Dwarves were failing but then The One had appeared. He came with a small army (300) and completely destroyed The Quo Army and Athan and Dom were again forced to retreat. The second final battle for Athan was at New YDN. The Quo Army fought viciously against the Dwarves and The One. Alas, The Quo Empire was falling and so they were forced to retreat to protect their homeland against the attacking foe. Athan's involvement in WWI came to an end when The One and Koray had taken his home and so Athan decided to take a fap.

Fourth Age: Edit

Athan accepted the defeat and left The Quo Empire furious with Domenic and his wicked ways. Ethan's lust for women was too great. So he decided to got to The Vanilla Unicorn. The New YDN Armistice forced Athan to give up his home to The Dwarves, Koray, to look after. Athan needed a new hobby. He was always in love with the ocean and its beauty. He then decided to create The Salmon Fishing Co. Much of the fish he caught himself and he sold it all throughout the island. He became famous and rich again. He did not care for his old friend Domenic no more. He then began to take an interest with the ever so rapid expanding (Prof.Athan 2016) Kingdom of Erebor. Although fighting against Koray during WWI he asked to join Koray and rule as an advisor to his King.

Koray was ever so happy and graciously accepted his new friend. Together Athan and Koray would mine together and Koray would teach the young salmon ways of ruling a kingdom. The Kingdom became feared and very strong during the Fourth Age with Athan's help. However Koray never gave him any credit. After the great deep mine on Ayrib Island was established, Koray had gifted The Gem of the Firebeards to his greatest friend Athan. After years of serving by Koray's side Athan was never given any credit or was never gifted his own city that Koray had promised to build for him. Athan became sick and tired of waiting behind the cold walls of Erebor. He needed to do something in his life. After the Great Castle of Quo was complete Athan and Dom met in secret together. Domenic had convinced Athan to join and reunite himself with Dom and the new player Aran. Together Dom thought the three of them could rule the island and destroy the Dwarves and Erebor. One day during the middle of the Fourth Age Athan gathered his stuff and threw his gem at the King and spat on it. He left the gates of Erebor and was accepted by Emperor Dom and Aran who awaited him at Quo Castle. There Athan stayed and waited with his great hosts Dom and Aran. Dom had changed and was different, AThan had feared him and he knew that he was not the same since they arrived in the First Age. This Aran had changed him. After the Dwarves gave up Athan's home he returned and was all alone up in the mountains. So you know what he decided to do. He got his "Sexy Women of the Week" Magazine and tapped off the cliff of his mountain.

Looking out over the sea Athan knew he needed to do something. Athan was going to have an impact on this world. For have sea legs and a love for the ocean, he crafted a dingy and set off north. He was gone for years and war said to have travelled to West & East Refugee Island finding treasure and defeating great beasts. Athan was also said to have travelled to the Harad Isles and he live with the Haradrim for many years learning their ways or survival, sword fighting and naval combat. He then returned after 15 years with a crew of fearless Haradrim and a frigate he named the "Black Pearl". He was Captain SalmonBoy. After learning of his ancestral home lands, The Salmon Isles, were taken by The Stipper Nation, Athan was furious. He then asked his friends Dom and Koray, who at first declined, but as Athan was gone for 15 years Koray and Dom had become great allies, Dom convinced The King and so he agreed to attack The Stipper Nation and aid the capture of The Salmon Isles to Athan and his crew. The plan went so well and Athan was content with his Isles and decided to create a great naval port for all too come and trade. This was the beginning of the Powerful Salmon Pirate Nation of the Seas.

Fifth Age: Edit

Jeez I've been writing all night, um anyway where was I ah yes Athan, Fifth age ok well....

At the start of the Fifth Age, Athan began building his port, Salmon Square. The Salmon Pirate Nation became a large empire of trade which brought great well too all of the world. Athan had made quick amends with Koray and had become great trading partners and allies with Koray and Dom during the Fifth Age. Athan was then even more greedy for more treasure and new lands to see. He set sail with his new crew and they sailed very far and wide meeting and fighting many different creatures and people. Athan was happy as he bring his playboy magazine with him. But where he was going, I don't think he need it.
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Captain Athan's gear

Sixth Age: Edit

When returning he was shown the new lands that his friends had settled. He wanted another island for his own to. So he set sail again and came across a new land not for from The Mediterrayrib, called Tortuga. Tortuga was a massive and exotic island which again gave Athan much money. He established a new settlement called Shipwreck Cove at the very southern entrance to the island. Here Athan stayed and governed his nation on land making it even larger and richer by trading new goods like citrus and pipe weed from the island of Tortuga. Athan was merry :) .

Seventh Age: Edit

So in the Seventh Age Athan was happy just sailing and living on his beloved Black Pearl. He would be no where else but on the seas on his beautiful ship. He loved his nation, the sea, him empire and his world.