Ayrib Island Edit

Ayrib Island was a small mountain island with a couple trees. It was first untouched by all until the Fourth Age when The Great Kingdom of Erebor acquired the island and created a rich, deep mineshaft full of ores. It was off the West Coast of The Mediterrayrib.

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Ayrib Island


History of the Island Edit

The Island was first sighted by The One in the late First Age. The Island was taken by The Kingdom of Erebor and a mine was built on the island, as it was rich in valuable ores (which The Quo Empire needed). The build of the Mineshaft was slow at first but with Athan's help it was quickly finished. The Mine was rich in Iron and most of it was used for weapons, armour and tools for the Dwarven army. Much of it was also traded with The Quo Empire. Ayrib Island was never invaded and was always well protected by Dwarven Men-at-arms.


Ayrib Island Terrain Edit

Ayrib island was a small mountain island which few trees and beaches. However the beaches did not compare to the crystal beaches of the Salmon Isles.


Ayrib Island Timeline Edit

  • First Age: Sighting of the island by The One
  • Second Age: N/A
  • Third Age: Dwarven armies prepared to flank the Quo Empire from the east and they prepared on Ayrib Island.
  • Fourth Age: The Island is owned by The Kingdom of Erebor and has an operating mine in the mountain.
  • Fifth Age: Much of the ores are already mined out.
  • Sixth Age: N/A
  • Seventh Age: The Dwarves of Erebor abandon the island.