The Stripper Coup d'etat of 497-499 Edit

The Stripper Coup d'etat of 497-499 (end of the Stripper Nation), was split into three stages. First was the Battle of New YDN and then a Stripper Nationalistic Revolution which eventually leads to the end of the Stripper Nation. In 482, the Stripper Nation claimed the Salmon Isles for his own. Athan, Captain of his new nation, was furious and wanted his foretold "homeland" back. With the aid of the Dwarves and Quo's, the Strippers gave up after 2 minutes of battle and Head Bitch Philip escaped and left her nation to die. When the Quo Military Police discovered her, she was sent back to a Stripper refuge camp in New YDN. However, Stripper Nationals began to uprise and attack Strippers still loyal to Head Bitch Philip. A revolution began in full strength and ended with Quo involvement destroying both sides of the fray. Head Bitch Philip was casted away by her own people. A final vote was casted by the leaders of the League of Ayribs and it was official that Head Bitch Philip was voted off the island and exiled to Avantia.

The Stripper Coup d'etat Edit

Date: 497-Battle of New YDN


499-Voting out of Philip

Location: Salmon Isles & New YDN
  • End of the Stripper Nation
  • Head Bitch Philip exiled
  • New YDN is given ownership to the Dwarves and Quo's
  • Salmon Pirates receive the Salmon Isles

Combatants Edit


  • Supported by Quo City-State

Leaders Edit

  • Head Bitch Philip
  • Head Slut Shaniqua
  • Capt Salmon Boy
  • King Dain II
  • Emperor Dom I
  • Head Whore Naynay*

Strength Edit

Stripper Nation: 10-12 Salmon Pirates: 80

Kingdom of Erebor: 100

Quo Empire: 200-225

Stripper Nationals: 70-100

Stage One of the Coup d'etat Edit

"Battle" for New YDN Edit

This has to be the most confusing event to understand in the Realms history. I'll try my best....

So seven years after the formation of the Salmon Pirate Nation of the Seas, the Stripper Nation claimed the Salmon Isles. Athan became furious when he heard this. On his travels to the unknown, he's trainer told him of his long lost home, the Salmon Isles. Captain Salmon Boy immediately began planning to take the islands for his own. In 485, he met with his old friend, Emperor Dom I, in the newly built Quo Castle. He pleaded for the Quo Emperor to help him take the islands. Athan, however, knew he needed the Dwarves to either stay out of his plans or join him. Though, Athan and King Dain II were not on good terms, as he left his Kingdom and insulted Koray. Emperor Dom I had to convince King Dain too help him. The Quo King agreed that if he helped, that they would split up New YDN between themselves. To these terms the Dwarves agreed. The plan was simple enough, the Quo-Dwarven forces would distract the Strippers at New YDN, while the Pirates would land on the Isles and take them for their own. In 497, the Dwarves, Quo's and Salmon's declared war. The Quo forces marched and began invading from the north and the Dwarves invaded from the south. The two forces easy broke through extremely weak and inexperienced Stripper forces. The two forces met at the centre of the city, where the border would be until 944. Meanwhile, the Salmon Pirates landed onto a undefended Isles. Immediately they placed the new Salmon Pirate Banner and claimed the Islands were theirs.

On hearing the declarations of war, Head Bitch Philip broke down and felt betrayed. He was scared, not for her nation, but for herself. She decided to leg it and escaped on her own into the Northern Mountains. Leaving her people and soldiers her soldiers became disordered. Not being able to believe it, her soldiers fought with no actual leader and had lost all courage to face their enemy. Captain of the army, Alexia, placed a white flag to signify defeat and that the Strippers wanted peace. This was the First Stage of the Stripper Coup d'erat.

Revolution of the Strippers Edit

After hearing of Head Bitch Philip's abandonment of her nation, second in command, Head Slut Shaniqua, was left to govern the Stripper Nation, now under command of the Quo's and Dwarves. After a year of refuge, Quo Military Police discovered Head Bitch Philip in an abandoned house in the North East Ridges of the Mediterrayrib. The Quo forces apprehended her and forced her back to the Vanilla Unicorn to govern her Strippers. However, Head Whore Naynay, an extreme Stripper Nationalist, rallied many Strippers to go and attack Philip and those still loyal too her. In the middle of the year 498, the Stripper Nationals attacked the Stripper army and home guard. The battles were extremely bloody and very patriotic on both sides. Skirmishes uprooted all over New YDN. Quo forces watched on the Strippers fight against each other. The Dwarves on the other hand stopped many fights but did not kill anyone. The Stripper Nationals defeated many forces still loyal to the nation and seemed at hand to win. On the last Nationalist push into the club, 200 Quo Legionaries entered the fight and crushed both sides. The Dwarves and Salmon's were outraged but not to a massive extent. This ended the Stripper Nationalist Party and the Revolution they had caused. Head Whore Naynay was slain and the revolution had finished.

Coup d'etat of Head Bitch Philip and the Stripper Nation Edit

In the second year of the Quo and Dwarven regime of the Strippers, many of the Stripper population had died of migrated to other parts of the island. Head Bitch Philip was subdued and lived in a cell under the Big Weff with most of her commanders. The League of Ayribs met many times in 499 and decided on a voting out of Head Bitch Philip, where she would be forced into exile and sent off the island with her close commanders. The vote was final and very difficult for the 5 nations. It was official at the end of the year that Philip was forced to be exiled to East Refugee Island, now known as the Avantian Continent. The votes were 4-1 where, Emperor Dom I, Captain Salmon Boy, Prophet Aran and the Pinger Overlord against King Dain II. Head Bitch Philip, Head Slut Shaniqua and two other Stripper officials were exiled to Avantia and were not seen again, until the Eighth Age.....